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. benefits students who
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  • Read below grade level
  • Don’t comprehend well
  • Rarely choose to read
  • Perform poorly on tests
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. teaching tips
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Try these ideas for using
The Outer Edge, The Wild Side, and Critical Reading
in your class:

  • All three series have the same instructional design. Only the readability levels differ. Divide students up into three groups and assign titles based on student need.
  • Let students choose the books that interest them most. Encourage them
    to do Internet research to
    find out more about a selection topic.
  • Allow students to build confidence by gradually increasing the reading level of their assignments.  Each book is divided into three readability levels by units.  Have students read the first unit of each book, and then progress to the second unit of each book and so on.
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Critical Reading

Reading Levels 6-8, Interest Levels 6-12

Motivate students with our best-selling series of amazing, true stories at accessible reading levels

  • Prepare students for state and national tests using critical-thinking questions
  • Motivate students with high-interest selections at a higher readability level
  • Improve proficiency in reading nonfiction

Critical Reading, a perennial favorite for middle school and high school students of all ability levels, fascinates with astounding and intriguing stories of real-life adventure. Comprehension questions reinforce literal understanding, while critical-thinking questions encourage students to consider the author’s purpose, make inferences, identify cause and effect, and make predictions. The selections in the Critical Reading series are at the highest level of readability in our series offerings which also include The Outer Edge, The Wild Side and Above and Beyond.  All four series follow the same format, but each covers a different range of reading levels.  The entire series is designed to reinforce state reading standards.

Amazing, extraordinary, and remarkable nonfiction

  • “Finding the Titanic”
  • “Spontaneous Human Combustion”
  • “King Kong”
  • “The Roswell Incident”
  • “Black Holes”
  • “The Cyclops”
    . . . and many more!
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