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Reading Resources

Jamestown Education is committed to promoting the spread of literacy and supporting teachers with professional development resources. As part of this effort, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help teachers stay up-to-date with the latest research and information on adolescent literacy.

Professional Organizations

Stay informed, get involved, and allow your voice to be heard by joining these professional organizations dedicated to promoting literacy.

Online Journals

Find articles to support or challenge your ideas and stay informed about new developments in the field of literacy.

Adolescent Literacy Initiatives

Find information on resources and initiatives specifically targeting adolescent learners.

Research Reports

Delve into in-depth research reports on the state of literacy and recommendations for improving student performance.

Research Sites and Centers

Explore collections of literacy research and resources including articles, lesson plans, assessment ideas, and initiatives.

Statistics and Results

Locate statistical data, evaluations, and progress reports for elementary and secondary schools across the country.

Reading Standards

Quickly locate each state's Department of Education website and the standards for all curriculum areas in each state.

Arts Connection

Motivate students with songs inspired by literature, written by some of today’s most powerful songwriters. 


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