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Testimonials for Jamestown Education

Jamestown Education programs are research-based and proven to produce results in reading achievement. Teachers love our programs for their ease-of-use, focused skill building, effective instruction, and translation to success on standardized tests. Students love our programs for their motivating, age-appropriate content at accessible reading levels.

The following are a small sample of the many success stories shared with us by teachers and administrators across the country. If you are a Jamestown Fan, please share your success stories and teaching tips with us for a chance to be featured in our catalog and on our website!

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Results on Standardized Tests

“On our Texas TAKS Test the lowest scores are on the main idea/summarization objectives. Since I began focusing on this skill using The Wild Side series’ Weird Science and Crime & Punishment, our scores have tripled. The students love reading these true stories. Some have even read ahead of the lesson just for fun. I am confident that this series alone made such great strides in helping me to give them a ‘formula’ to use to find the main idea! Thank you!”

-Teresa Day
Malakoff Middle School, TX

 “I think our students’ skills have improved since the implementation of Jamestown materials. One of the measures we use is our state testing. Last year within our school integrated reading program, our students had a gain of 7 points on the Connecticut Mastery Test, which is higher than the average, so they are growing at a good rate.

What I love about Jamestown materials are the assessment components where students can self-score, track progress, and identify performance trends in relation to reading strategies. I also appreciate how the categories of performance are linked to state and national standards as well as standardized tests. Plus, kids LOVE the reading passages because they are very motivating and high-interest!”

-Winter Caplanson
Two Rivers Magnet Middle School, CT


Skill Building with Jamestown Materials

“Jamestown provides the BEST reading materials for teaching struggling readers key reading skills that I have come across in my 18 years of teaching. Not only are the selections engaging to all students, but students clearly increase their background knowledge, learn and integrate new vocabulary, and most importantly, develop the key reading skills to become more strategic readers. I swear by them!

I absolutely love the selections in The Wild Side series, Critical Reading series, and the English, Yes! series. Students are easily engaged by the fascinating true stories and literature, and learn to pick out the main idea, make inferences, as well as learn the author’s purpose and how to summarize/paraphrase. The stories are terrific for webbing, outlining and highlighting, promoting identification of key ideas, and ultimately, solid retention of the material.”

-Robyn Cornwell
Summit Middle School, CO

“When our students are ready to move from controlled phonetic readers to traditional text, we need to carefully select the passages they need for appropriate challenge. Too easy, and they don’t progress. Too hard, and they become frustrated once again. Jamestown offers a terrific variety of books that contain passages that are grouped by grade level, using readability formulas I know and trust. We also depend on Jamestown Timed Readings and Reading Fluency texts for our intense oral reading fluency drills. Our dyslexic and L.D. population needs what you have!”

-Leslie Buford
Maburn Academy, OH


Easy of Use/Flexibility of Jamestown Materials

“I love the Jamestown series because the books can be used to obtain reading information easily and quickly. They provide self-directed activity, and they can be used by every student in the class at the same time. They’re easy to use and self-explanatory. I can leave them for a substitute teacher if I need to. I also like the fact that [my students] can all do the same assignment, but at different levels. The students get so absorbed in the stories and really concentrate when they read. I’m very fortunate that I came across these as early as I did in my teaching career—they don’t go out of style and you can keep them and use them for years and years. These books work well for all learning styles and learning disabilities, and for more advanced readers, they’re a good tool for review to keep reading skills up to snuff. I like the way they’re put together and that they’re so adaptable.”

-Cathy Grondek
Ralston High School, NB

“One of the best things about Jamestown materials is that they are very easy to use. For me to go out and find passages at the right reading level and length, count words, create comprehension questions—I just can’t do that! You can’t work on speed and comprehension unless you have the tools to work on it. I use these books across the board, and they work for almost anyone.”

-Kathleen Lojas
Riverside Brookfield High School, IL


Student Response to Jamestown Materials

“Before Jamestown, my senior high reading students were reluctant to read at all. Attitude, interest, and motivation skyrocketed when I started using The Wild Side and Critical Reading series! Thank you for being one of the few providers of high-interest materials for senior high school-aged struggling readers and especially for their appealing cover designs. Thank you for managing to create interesting instructional level material under a cover that does not belie its lower readability. My struggling secondary students enjoy them, and their success with the skill practice questions has translated to increased scores on high-stakes tests.”

-Lori Pingatore
New Ulm Senior High School, MN

“The kids really like reading the non-fiction stories; they are amazed by them. There was one story about a man swallowed by a whale, and we talked about it for some time and about whether a whale could digest a person. They just like the non-fiction more; it gets their attention. I have seen a better attitude about reading, and the more they do it, the easier it gets for them. At the beginning of the year, it took longer for them and they frowned; now they are better. They absolutely love being timed. They like the challenge and to see if they are better than the person next to them.”

-Eddy Hernandez
Upland High School, CA


Why Jamestown Materials Were Selected

“Being the reading specialist at Bob Jones High School, I get to make the book choices. I’m a dedicated advocate of Jamestown and not usually loyal to any particular program, so my supervisor knows I’m passionate about Jamestown’s books.”

-Mimi Hughes, Reading Specialist
Bob Jones High School, AL

“I like the way students are asked to summarize material and the way that they are asked to look for vocabulary in context in Jamestown materials. I also like teaching the students how to decide what the author’s approach is and teaching them how to make inferences. These are difficult skills to learn at first, but the students learn to master them by using Jamestown’s Critical Reading series.”

-Laura Houston
Manhattan Middle School, CO

For more testimonials, please call our toll-free number (800-USA-READ) and request a free copy of Results with Jamestown Educationorder number JT92820-6. Or, download it instantly by clicking the link below.

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