Glencoe Foundations for Success CD-ROM
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Glencoe Foundations for Success CD-ROM

photo This fully integrated, state-of-the-art multimedia technology can transform basic-skills classes from the simply predictable to the remarkably powerful.

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Beyond Words

Comprehensive curricula in reading, writing, and mathematics make Beyond Words an extremely effective tool for complete GED preparation. With 41 complete CD-ROM lessons covering a broad range of skills topics, this multi-media program includes online video segments, audio narration, chapter objectives, challenge exercises, instructional tips, and much, much more.
    Beyond Words: Reading Learning to read practical materials such as maps, charts, graphs, and tables is an important element of this segment, which also focuses on skills such as identifying cause and effect, understanding words in context, building vocabulary, and increasing comprehension.
    Beyond Words: Writing Students explore a variety of writing styles in this segment, as they learn about the writing process by studying spelling, punctuation, grammar, noun and verb usage, and logic.
    Beyond Words: Mathematics Problem-solving strategies receive special emphasis in this segment, which is designed to help adult learners strengthen their knowledge of fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, signed numbers, beginning geometry, measures, and conversion formulas.

Program Components

Complete Package
(41 CD-ROMs and Instructor's Resource Guide)
Math 1-150-02-803846-0$1,000.00
Math Workbook0-02-801419-7$13.15
Reading 1-160-02-803844-4$1,000.00
Reading Workbook0-02-801418-9$13.15
Writing 1-100-02-803845-2$1,000.00
Writing Workbook0-02-801420-0$13.15
Instructor's Resource Guide0-02-803847-9$15.00

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Another Page

Ordinary items take on extraordinary importance in this 28 CD-ROM program, which features video segments that focus on the lives of two main characters and the different ways they use reading in their daily lives.
  • Builds vocabulary skills and encourages the development of critical-thinking skills
  • Student Workbook provides valuable practice opportunities
  • Readings focus on practical life skills that adults can relate to their daily lives

Program Components

Complete Package
(28 CD-ROMs and Instructor's Resource Guide)
Instructor's Resource Guide0-02-803847-9$15.00

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Math Basics

As adult learners work through the whole numbers, percents, ratios, fractions, and estimation problems in Math Basics, they begin to develop the problem-solving skills that will help them in the more advanced mathematics applications found in Beyond Words.
  • Designed to meet general goals of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • Lessons focus on real-life applications, so skills are more meaningful to adult learners.

Program Components

Complete Package
(18 CD-ROMs and Instructor's Resource Guide)
Instructor's Resource Guide0-02-803847-9$15.00

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System Requirements

  • 486 33MHz or faster CPU
  • 8 MB RAM
  • PCI or local bus VGA operating in 256 color mode or better
  • 2X or faster CD-ROM drive
  • Sound Blaster or compatible audio board
  • Windows 3.1
  • Video for Windows 1.1e or newer
  • DOS 6.0 or newer
  • 10 MB of hard drive space

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