1998 Media Technology Catalog
  Computer Education, Accounting

Understanding Computers Through Applications Multimedia

This unique system puts students on the computer from day one. Within moments, they’ll be performing hands-on activities using the latest applications software.

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Teacher’s Guide
  • This resource ties the program together and furnishes you with a roadmap showing exactly what’s covered throughout the course.
  • You’ll find step-by-step lesson plans, lesson themes, and performance objectives; the Guide also integrates computer and non-computer activities in an easy-to-use teaching style that keeps lessons fresh and interesting.

Teacher’s Resource Binder

  • Everything you need to teach the course successfully and enjoyably.
  • Activity Worksheets let you work individually with students while they’re on the computer.
  • The Resource Binder contains a wealth of blackline masters for enrichment, reteaching, problem solving and critical thinking, chapter review, evaluation—and more.

Student Resource Books

  • Designed magazine-style, these books contain a variety of computer-related readings to broaden the scope of each unit. Test Your Comprehension questions follow each reading. Fifteen books are included in each package.

Videos and Laserdisc

  • A laserdisc and three videos based on the WGBH Public Television series, "The Machine That Changed the World," provide insight into how computers affect daily life.


  • The computer-assisted instruction contains online tests for evaluating progress. You may add or edit questions.

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Program Components

Program WITH Commercial Software
(Includes all replacement resources listed below.)
IBM (Deskmate; Linkway) 0-02-800817-02,750.00
Macintosh (ClarisWorks; HyperCard) 0-02-800818-9$2,750.00
Apple II (AppleWorks; TutorTech; TimeOut Telecomm) 0-02-800816-2$2,750.00
Program WITHOUT Commercial Software
(Includes all replacement resources listed below.)
Apple II0-02-800811-1$1,799.00

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Replacement Resources

Teacher’s Guide0-02-800814-6$34.10
Teacher’s Resource Binder0-02-800815-4$186.51
Student Resource Book0-02-800813-8$30.50
Activities Packages
IBM Deskmate0-02-801373-5$450.00
Apple AppleWorks0-02-802377-3$450.00
Macintosh ClarisWorks0-02-802378-1$450.00
IBM Microsoft Works: 3.5" & 5.25"0-02-801374-3$450.00
Macintosh Microsoft Works0-02-801375-1$450.00
Test Packages

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System Requirements

IBM or Compatible
  • IBM, PC, PC/XT, PC/AT, PS/1, PS/2, or compatible computer
  • Minimum 512K memory (some DeskMate applications require 640K memory)
  • Graphics Card and Monitor (LinkWay requires EGA graphics card or better)
  • Two 5.25" or 3.5" diskette drives
  • Microsoft mouse or compatible
  • Macintosh Plus, SE, Classic, Classic II, LC, Portable, Quadra, Powerbook, or II family
  • Minimum 1M memory (ClarisWorks requires 2M System 7)
  • HyperCard 2.1 requires 2.5M of memory for System 7
  • Two 800K floppy disk drives (One floppy plus hard disk drive recommended)
  • Hard disk and 2M of memory required for telecommunications module of ClarisWorks
  • System software 6.0.5 or later for System 7
  • Printers supported: Apple LaserWriter and ImageWriter and Macintosh-compatible printers
Apple II
  • Apple IIc, IIc Plus, IIe, or Apple IIGS
  • Minimum 128K memory
  • For Apple IIe only — 80-column text card
  • Monitor
  • 5.25" or 3.5" disk drive
  • Apple ImageWriter or compatible printer
  • Mouse or other pointing device — to create or adapt stacks with TutorTech

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