1998 Media Technology Catalog

Health Video Library

photo These outstanding videos covering critical health issues will help strengthen your students' self-esteem and interpersonal skills.

Teen Health VHS Videos ©1996 | Glencoe Health MindJogger Videoquiz ©1996
Glencoe Health VHS Video Program ©1996
Glencoe Health VHS Video Program ©1993

Teen Health VHS Videos ©1996

Course 1 Videos:
  • You Can Refuse, shows teens modeling refusal skills, keeping their friends and having fun.
  • Don't Pop Your Cork on Mondays gives students a bright, lively presentation about stress -- its causes, its affects on both mind and body, and survival techniques.
  • Teenage Suicide discusses the number one cause of death among young people 10-25 years of age.

Course 2 Videos:

  • Negotiating Skills helps students improve their problem-solving skills and understand others' positions.
  • Ad-Libbing is a humorous look at the methods advertisers use to hook young people on cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Firefighter with AIDS is a two-part video that presents the story of firefighter Paul Severion, who has AIDS.
  • Eating Disorders discusses the warning signs, diagnosis, and treatment of anorexia and bulimia.

Program Components

Course 10-02-652748-0$349.98
Course 20-02-652759-6$399.99

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Glencoe Health Mindjogger Videoquizzes

  • New! The Glencoe Health MindJogger Videoquiz uses a game show format to reinforce your students' understanding of key concepts.
  • MindJogger is perfect for group learning or as an alternative assessment technique.
  • Correlated chapter-by-chapter to the text, MindJogger's engaging visuals, aural and on-screen questions will stimulate both aural and visual learners.
  • Available in both videodisc and videotape formats.

Program Components

VHS Videos0-02-651481-8$259.99

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Glencoe Health VHS Video Program ©1996

  • Violence gives students an understanding of the causes of violent behavior.
  • AIDS presents the facts students must have about this devastating illness.
  • Drugs deals with the decisions and consequences surrounding the drug issue.
  • Responsible Sexuality answers students' questions about the personal and health consequences of sexual behavior.

Program Components

VHS Set0-02-651509-1$206.95
Responsible Sexuality0-02-652660-3$62.30

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Glencoe Health VHS Video Program ©1993

The Glencoe Health VHS Video Program includes four compelling videos along with Instructor's Guides. The high-interest topics include personal relationships, substance abuse, and self-esteem.
  • Self-Esteem highlights teens from around the country as they consider what self-esteem is, what it does for us, and how we can tap into it to make good choices.
  • Friendship and Dating offers insight into how to create and maintain quality relationships. It empowers young people to form healthy friendships.
  • Decisions, an award-winning documentary, uses real-life stories and examples to demonstrate the consequences of illegal drug use.
  • Refuse to be Used! helps students respond to the messages of the advertising media and the tobacco and alcohol industries.

Program Components

Glencoe Health VHS Set0-02-652499-6$158.46
Friendship and Dating0-02-652651-4$64.95
Refuse to be Used!0-02-6526553-0*
*Free with purchase of Decisions

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