1998 Media Technology Catalog
  Language Arts

Writer's Choice Interactive Grammar Workbook (Grades 6-12)

photo Writer's Choice Interactive Grammar Workbook makes it easier - and more exciting - than ever for your students to master grammar. This software blends a comprehensive set of grammar exercises with the power and flexibility of the computer.

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  • Glencoe's Writer's Choice Interactive Grammar Workbook software will give your students
    • immediate feedback
    • quick access to on-screen background information
    • automatic Learning Hints and examples
  • For you, the program
    • reduces preparation time
    • does your grading
    • provides automatic Performance Graphs and Summary Reports
    • allows you to evaluate and compare the performance of both individuals and classes
  • Writer's Choice Interactive Grammar Workbook software is easy to install on a hard drive or network.

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Program Components

Grade 6 IBM 0-02-635915-4$249.97
Grade 6 Macintosh0-02-635916-2$249.97
Grade 7 IBM0-02-635917-0$249.97
Grade 7 Macintosh0-02-635918-9$249.97
Grade 8 IBM0-02-635919-7$249.97
Grade 8 Macintosh0-02-635921-9$249.97
Grade 9 IBM0-02-635922-7$249.97
Grade 9 Macintosh0-02-635923-5$249.97
Grade 10 IBM0-02-635924-3$249.97
Grade 10 Macintosh0-02-635925-1$249.97
Grade 11 IBM0-02-635926-X$249.97
Grade 11 Macintosh0-02-635927-8$249.97
Grade 12 IBM0-02-635928-6$249.97
Grade 12 Macintosh0-02-635929-4$249.97
Pricing includes a Site License Agreement

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System Requirements

  • Minimum of 386 IBM or 100% compatible
  • Windows 3.1
  • 4M RAM
  • 33MHz
  • VGA color monitor
  • Mouse
  • System 7.0 or higher
  • 2M RAM
  • Monochrome or 13" color monitor
  • Mouse

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