1998 Media Technology Catalog

Biology: The Dynamics of Life CD-ROM

Comprehensive and engaging, this exciting interactive program is as intriguing as biology itself. The Biology: The Dynamics of Life CD-ROM contains all of the narrative, visuals, and special features of the Student Edition and more! Your students will truly experience the diverse and fascinating world of biology.

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  • Well-designed, creative interactive "lab" simulations invite students of all ability levels to explore the wonders of biology.
  • Both narrative and audio segments can be converted into Spanish.
  • A glossary search capability helps your students find and learn key terms and definitions.
  • You can customize key resource material to create assessment options for your students.
  • A unique Presentation Builder provides a default presentation for major lessons, or you can customize each presentation for teacher or student use.

Program Components

Biology: The Dynamics of Life CD-ROM ©1998
CD-ROM Activity Disc (Macintosh/Windows)0-02-825434-1 $149.00
CD-ROM Student Edition Package (Includes Activity Disc) (Macintosh/Windows) 0-02-825433-3$600.00
CD-ROM Lab Pack (5 sets of discs) (Macintosh/Windows)0-02-825476-7 $999.00
CD-ROM Media Library Package (10 sets of discs) (Macintosh/Windows)0-02-825614-X $1,499.00

Biology: The Dynamics of Life CD-ROM ©1996
CD-ROM Teacher Edition Package (Windows) 0-02-825901-7$799.00
CD-ROM Teacher Edition Package (Macintosh) 0-02-825905-X$799.00

System Requirements

  • Intel 486SX/33 Processor
  • 8M RAM
  • 40M hard drive free space
  • 16-bit sound card
  • Dual speed CD-ROM drive
  • VGA color monitor (256 colors, 640X480)
  • Windows 3.1 operating system
  • LCIII 68030 Processor
  • 12M RAM
  • 40M hard drive free space
  • Dual speed CD-ROM drive
  • 13-inch, 8 bit color monitor
  • Macintosh System 7.1

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