1998 Media Technology Catalog

Physics for the Computer Age CD-ROM

photo This highly interactive program gives your students access to materials and situations not available in traditional classroom laboratories. The program gives students invaluable laboratory experience and practice in using computers the way real physicists do.

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  • The program offers support for Glencoe's Physics: Principles and Problems, America's number one physics program.
  • Loaded with live-action video, audio narrations, animated graphics, and activities, this CD-ROM gives students abundant background information and review activities as well as laboratory experience.
  • Each lab experience allows students to explore physical phenomena in depth and to conduct experiments requiring data collection and analysis.
  • AlgeGrapher allows students to organize and graph data and then to describe the physics using standard algebraic symbols and notation.
  • Exercises demonstrating mathematical and graphic relationships help students gain expertise in graphing.
  • Interactive Lab Experiences allow students to fully explore physical phenomena and conduct fascinating experiments requiring data collection and analysis.
  • Data and Graphing Tool allows students to send their data to the AlgeGrapher with the click of a button, where they have various options for representing the data graphically and algebraically.

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Program Components

Teacher-Classroom Package (1 TE Program and 2 SE Programs)
Lab Package (5 SE Programs)
Combo Package (One Teacher-Classroom Package/One Lab Package)

System Requirements

  • 486 IBM-compatible
  • 33 Megahertz
  • 8M RAM
  • 16-bit sound card
  • Dual-speed CD-ROM drive
  • SVGA (800 X 600), 256 colors
  • Windows 3.1 or higher
  • 12M RAM (for 68040)
  • 16M RAM (for Power PC)
  • 15M free hard drive space
  • Monitor with 832 X 624 screen (or larger)
  • MacOS version 7.5 or higher
  • 2x (or faster) CD-ROM drive

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