1998 Media Technology Catalog

Mastering Concepts in Chemistry Software

photo Consisting of 15 units, Mastering Concepts in Chemistry software is designed to enhance your classroom presentation of the concepts and skills students must have to progress and succeed in chemistry.

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  • Each unit contains a step-by-step presentation of major concepts.
  • The colorful graphics and animation elicit student interaction and excitement.
  • Sets of review questions appear at intervals, so you can assess mastery with ease.
  • The software contains a Teacher Presentation Version and an Individual Student Version.
  • The program includes a student Study Guide and a complete Teacher Guide containing a hard copy version of all software screens.

Program Components

Complete Package (Windows) 0-02-827258-7 $799.47
Volume I (Units 1-7) 0-02-827268-4 $470.00
Volume II (Units 8-15) 0-02-827269-2 $475.00

System Requirements

  • 386 or higher processor
  • 3 1/2" floppy drive hard disk drive
  • 4M or more of RAM
  • Windows 3.1 or better
  • VGA video card and monitor.
For classroom presentation:
  • A large-screen monitor for whole-class viewing or an LCD color panel for use with an overhead projector is recommended.

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