1998 Media Technology Catalog

Chemistry TLTG Multimedia

photo A 160-hour, two-semester multimedia course, TLTG Chemistry invites your students to use their eyes, ears, and hands to do their work in chemistry. This proven program dramatically reduces failure rates and gets students excited about science.

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  • Small-group activities, wet laboratory experiments, and pen-and-pencil activities challenge students to think in new ways.
  • Chemical principles are illustrated with real-life experiences in medicine, industry, bioscience, and consumer chemistry. The program builds from observable phenomena to more abstract concepts.
  • Math skills are developed in relationship with content.
  • Course content includes Matter and Energy, Phases of Matter, Structure of Matter and Periodicity, Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium, Quantum Mechanics and Bonding, Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics, and more.

Program Components

Chemistry TLTG Multimedia
Teacher's Station0-02-826273-5$9,500.00
Student Station0-02-826274-3$1,990.00
TLTG Science
Chemistry Volume 1, SE Workbook 0-02-826287-5$10.47
Chemistry Volume 2, SE Workbook 0-02-826288-3$10.47

System Requirements

  • MS-DOS/286 or higher
  • 3.5" high-density disc drive
  • 40M or larger hard drive
  • Graphic overlay board
  • EGA/VGA compatible monitor with touch-screen or mouse keyboard
  • 20" or larger RGB monitor (teacher station only)
  • Videodisc player with RS-232 port

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