1998 Media Technology Catalog

Physical Science TLTG Multimedia

photo This complete 160-hour, two-semester multimedia course engages your students in active learning. Immersing themselves in this fascinating curriculum, they become confident scientific thinkers.

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  • Small-group work, hands-on laboratory experiments, and paper-and-pencil activities offer a variety of learning opportunities.
  • A cooperative learning approach is employed throughout the program.
  • Lessons are built conceptually, with a strong emphasis on critical-thinking skills.
  • Course content includes Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table, Chemical Bonds and Chemical Reactions, Motion and Force, Work and Simple Machines, Electricity and Magnetism, Heat, Sound and Waves, and more!

Program Components

Teacher's Station0-02-826264-6$9,999.99
Student Station0-02-826265-4$1,990.00

System Requirements

  • MS-DOS/286 or higher
  • 3.5" high-density disc drive
  • 40M or larger hard drive
  • Graphic overlay board
  • EGA/VGA compatible monitor with touch-screen or mouse keyboard
  • 20" or larger RGB monitor (teacher station only)
  • Videodisc player with RS-232 port

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