1998 Media Technology Catalog

The Secret of Life Videodisc Program

photo Produced by WGBH Boston and the BBC, this program explores the revolution in molecular biology and the role of DNA in nearly every life process. It also leads students into an examination of the ethical issues involving DNA and heredity.

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Videotape Modules
  • The program consists of eight 15-minute videotape modules that examine major scientific advances and the societal issues raised by the PBS broadcasts in a format ideal for classroom presentation.
  • Dramatic stories and informative animations grab your students' attention as they investigate subjects from the basics of life to gene therapy to the biodiversity crisis.
  • Each videotape module concludes with a series of provocative questions designed to foster in-depth classroom discussion.
  • The program contains teaching strategies and a student Study Guide.
Multimedia Videodisc Program
  • Side A provides 30 minutes of film clips, animation, and more than 300 stills covering cells, genetics, ecology, and research techniques.
  • Side B includes four of the eight video modules from the videotape series.
  • Editor software and the Teacher's Guide with bar codes allow you to create your own presentations.
  • The Secret of Life videotape and videodisc programs are correlated to Glencoe's Biology: The Dynamics of Life; Biology: Living Systems; and Biology: An Everyday Experience.

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Program Components

Videotape Modules
Nothing to Sneeze At: Viruses 0-02-827260-9 $50.00
Tinkering with Our Genes: Genetic Medicine 0-02-827261-7 $50.00
Sex and the Single Gene: Development 0-02-827262-5 $50.00
Gone Before You Know It: The Biodiversity Crisis 0-02-827263-3 $50.00
In the Land of Milk and Money: Biotechnology 0-02-827264-1 $50.00
What's in Stetter's Pond? The Basics of Life 0-02-827265-X $50.00
On the Brink: Portraits of Modern Science 0-02-827266-8 $50.00
It's in the Genes: Evolution 0-02-827267-6 $50.00
Videodisc Program
Videodisc Program Package 0-02-827259-5 $299.00

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