1998 Media Technology Catalog
  World History

ABCNews Interactive™ Videodiscs

photo Each of the titles in this series include a double-sided videodisc, as well as a guidebook with bar-coded lesson plans, closed captioning, and English and Spanish narrations of the video segments. Ted Koppel of ABCNews Nightline provides the editorial framework for each videodisc.

In the Holy Land | Lessons of War | Communism and the Cold War

In the Holy Land

This disc reviews the roots of the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Religious, political, historical, and geographic issues are highlighted with more than 700 maps, charts, slides, and original documents.

The Macintosh interactive computer software offers even more information -- the Camp David Accords, biographical details, and time lines -- to name just a few. An interface cable is provided.

Program Components

Level I:0-02-822927-4$195.00
Level III Macintosh:0-02-822931-2$395.00

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Lessons of War

Ted Koppel guides this stimulating look at conflicts from WWI to the Persian Gulf. Lessons of War offers explanations of the causes of war, how wars are fought, and what measures can be taken to resolve them.

The weapons of war are fully explained and illustrated, with particular emphasis on the atomic bomb.

Program Components

Level I:0-02-822926-6$195.00
Level III Macintosh:0-02-822930-4$395.00

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Communism and the Cold War

This two-sided videodisc helps students understand the historical context of the rivalry between the United States and the former Soviet Union. National leaders, decision makers, writers, and scholars bring perspective to the issues, and a wide variety of visual images dramatically portray the events that led to the collapse of communism and the end of the Cold War.

Side two of the disc examines the effects of the Cold War in various regions of the world, including the "proxy wars" in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Africa, the Middle East, Cuba, and Central and South America, which reflected U.S.-Soviet tension and resulted in decades of global unrest.

Program Components

Level I:0-02-822925-8$195.00
Level III Macintosh:0-02-822929-0$395.00

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