Teaching Today publishes innovative teaching tips on a weekly basis. Written with the busy teacher in mind, each tip is concise, practical and easy to implement in the classroom right away. Topics covered in Teaching Today are classroom management, career development, high stakes testing, instruction and planning, parental involvement, reading in the content areas, using technology in the classroom, and portfolio development. Teaching Today also offers free weekly downloads that correspond to the tips. Our free downloads make implementing the teaching tips even easier. Teaching Today provides educational resources for teachers looking for everyday solutions to the challenges of the classroom.
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Weekly Tips

Getting Organized Organization before entering the classroom is critical to the success of your course. Adult students need to feel their time in the classroom will be time well spent. This week we focus on planning and organizing the course material.

Course Administration and Organization Tools Take advantage of the various technology tools and resources available to you as an instructor. These tools will provide more learning opportunities to your students, save time, and help you communicate with your students.

Tips for the First Day Beginnings are important. The first class sets the tone for the entire course and lets students know what to expect. This week we focus on tips to help you make the most of the first class.

Learning Students' Names Memorizing the names of a room full of new students can be a daunting experience. Yet, it’s worth the effort. Students appreciate instructors who make the effort to remember their names. This week’s tips help you make the task easy.

Ice Breakers Ice breakers are techniques used during the first class to reduce the tension and to immediately involve the students in the class. This week’s tips are ice breakers you can use with your students to get the course started on a light yet effective note.

Incorporating Teaching Technology Resources Teaching technology resources are recommendations—tips and tools specifically designed for instructors. A comprehensive list of these resources is an excellent tool for developing your materials and teaching methods. This week we’ll discuss creating this list and finding these resources.

Improving Your Listening Skills Listening to your students is as important as speaking to them. Students need to feel you hear their concerns and questions. This week’s tips focus on how to improve your listening skills.

Time Management—Part 1 Whether you are teaching full time or part time, this week’s tips will help you manage your time effectively so you'll have quality time for yourself, your family, and your students.

Time Management—Part 2 Using your time wisely will help you manage your time effectively. Walking into a classroom unprepared or rushing into the classroom at the last minute sends students the wrong message. This week’s tips will help both you and your students manage time.

Free Downloads

Sample Syllabus
A sample syllabus that will lead you through the creation of a course syllabus.

Software Evaluation Worksheet
The worksheet is for use in conjunction with the article, Evaluating Software Programs for Your Course, which discusses how to evaluate and select software programs.

Grading Spreadsheet
An Excel spreadsheet with formulas to calculate cumulative grades for all coursework.

Student Expectation Survey
A survey to solicit your students' opinions in the beginning of the course to enhance their learning experience.

Memory Reference Sheet
A tool to help you remember each student's name.

Ice Breaker Questionnaire
A personal questionnaire to help students get to know each other.

Teaching Technology Resources List
A sample format to list resources that may enable you to integrate technology into the curriculum.

Instructor Listening Skills
A questionnaire you can use to evaluate your own listening skills.

Master To-do List
Sample format for creating your own to-do list.

How I Spend My Time
A tool to help you and your students evaluate how effectively you use your time.

Feature Articles

Managing Curriculum Change An essay on the importance of adapting your curriculum to changes such as new technologies, world events, etc.

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