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Teaching Today - This Week's Tips Teaching Today - This Week's Tips

This Week's Topic

Ice Breakers
Ice breakers are techniques used during the first class to reduce the tension and to immediately involve the students in the class. This week’s tips are ice breakers you can use with your students to get the course started on a light yet effective note.

This Week's Tips

Introducing Another Student (Monday)
A twist on having students introduce themselves, this ice breaker also gives students a chance to meet each other. Follow these guidelines: Have students write their name, where they live, and a piece of information about themselves on the board. Have everyone choose a partner, preferably someone they don’t know. Using what they’ve written on the board, have partners interview each other. Have partners introduce each other to the class.

Famous People Game (Tuesday)
Help students get acquainted with one another by using the famous person game as an ice breaker. Follow these simple tips: Write the names of famous people or places on index cards. Relate the names to your course subject. Use masking tape to attach an index card to each student’s back. Have students ask each other yes or no questions to learn who their famous person/place is.

Finding the Other Student (Wednesday)
Give students a chance to get to know each other by using this ice breaker. Pass out an index card to each student. Have students write three statements about themselves on the card. Statements can be about a favorite color, a hobby, or something they’ve done. Collect the cards, shuffle them, and pass them out so everyone has someone else’s card. Have students find the person whose card they have and introduce themselves.

Learning about Each Other (Thursday)
Students feel more comfortable if they know each other, and classes tend to be stronger if students bond. Begin the bonding with this ice breaker: Have students fill out the questionnaire in the Download Depot. Collect the papers, shuffle them, and pass them out so everyone has someone else’s. Have students find the person whose questionnaire they have and spend about five minutes together getting to know one another.

Download your free Ice Breaker Questionnaire today!

Look at Me! (Friday)
Use this ice breaker to help students get to know each other and have fun in the process. Have a student introduce herself (or himself) and tell something she’s done that she thinks no one else in the class has done. If another class member has done the same thing, the student must come up with something else until she finds something no one else has done. Have students who are more outgoing begin this ice breaker.

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