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Chapter 5: Nutrition and Your Health

Practice Test
  1.Which is NOT an environmental factor that influences your food choices?  
  a.   Your emotional state  
  b.   Advertising  
  c.   Your budget  
  d.   Your cultural background  
  2.Good nutrition is  
  a.   essential throughout life.  
  b.   not important during the teen years  
  c.   most important for babies.  
  d.   important only when you are sick.  
  3.Your body needs carbohydrates because they  
  a.   help move waste through the body.  
  b.   contain important amino acids.  
  c.   fight cholesterol.  
  d.   are the body's main source of energy.  
  4.Which are the nutrients that help build body cells and tissues?  
  a.   Fats  
  b.   Proteins  
  c.   Vitamins  
  d.   Carbohydrates  
  5.Which is an example of a fat-soluble vitamin—one that is stored in body fat?  
  a.   Vitamin C  
  b.   Calcium  
  c.   Vitamin A  
  d.   Cholesterol  
  6.Which category of food in the food pyramid should you eat most often?  
  a.   Vegetables  
  b.   Meat and poultry  
  c.   Milk and cheese  
  d.   Grains  
  7.Teens can lower their risk of cardiovascular disease by eating less  
  a.   salt.  
  b.   fat.  
  c.   sugar.  
  d.   carbohydrates.  
  8.What happens when you skip breakfast regularly?  
  a.   You can become overweight.  
  b.   You can lose weight.  
  c.   You perform better in school.  
  d.   You have plenty of energy.  
  9.Which information does NOT appear on a Nutrition Facts panel?  
  a.   Number of calories  
  b.   Number of servings  
  c.   Expiration date  
  d.   Vitamin content  
  10.Which action creates the risk of foodborne illness?  
  a.   refrigerating food at 40 degrees or less  
  b.   washing food before eating it  
  c.   cooking food thoroughly  
  d.   eating unpasteurized cheese  



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