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Chapter 16: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

Practice Test
  1.The blood vessels that carry depleted blood to the heart are the  
  a.   atriums  
  b.   ventricles  
  c.   vena cava  
  d.   septums  
  2.What is the main goal of white blood cells?  
  a.   to transport oxygen in the blood  
  b.   to protect the body against infection  
  c.   to carry blood away from the heart  
  d.   to deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells  
  3.Which statement about capillaries is true?  
  a.   Capillaries carry blood away from the heart.  
  b.   Capillaries are small vessels that reach almost every cell.  
  c.   Capillaries are strong enough to withstand the blood's pressure.  
  d.   Capillaries carry blood to the heart.  
  4.Why does the body need platelets?  
  a.   to transport oxygen in the blood  
  b.   to carry blood to all the cells  
  c.   to carry blood to the heart  
  d.   to form clots and stop bleeding  
  5.Which cardiovascular disease is a form of cancer?  
  a.   Hemophilia  
  b.   Anemia  
  c.   Leukemia  
  d.   Deviated septum  
  6.Which illness is NOT related to the lymphatic system?  
  a.   Immune deficiency  
  b.   Tonsillitis  
  c.   Heart murmur  
  d.   Hodgkin's disease  
  7.Which organ is the principal organ in the respiratory system?  
  a.   The diaphragm  
  b.   The lungs  
  c.   The trachea  
  d.   The larynx  
  8.For what action do you need your larynx?  
  a.   to breathe  
  b.   to cool your body temperature  
  c.   to eat  
  d.   to talk  
  9.Which respiratory system problem is caused by a viral infection?  
  a.   Pneumonia  
  b.   Asthma  
  c.   Tuberculosis  
  d.   Sinusitis  
  10.Which two respiratory system problems are treated with medicine that dilates the airways?  
  a.   Sinusitis and bronchitis  
  b.   Emphysema and tuberculosis  
  c.   Asthma and bronchitis  
  d.   Emphysema and pneumonia  



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