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Chapter 18: Endocrine and Reproductive Systems

Practice Test
  1.The gland that controls the hormones that help you sleep is the  
  a.   thyroid.  
  b.   adrenal gland.  
  c.   pancreas.  
  d.   pineal gland.  
  2.Which gland produces hormones that affect your metabolism?  
  a.   Hypothalamus  
  b.   Parathyroid gland  
  c.   Thyroid  
  d.   Pituitary gland  
  3.Which gland helps you deal with stress and emergencies?  
  a.   Adrenal gland  
  b.   Thyroid  
  c.   Pancreas  
  d.   Pineal gland  
  4.Which disorder of the endocrine system is caused by lack of iodine in the diet?  
  a.   Grave's disease  
  b.   Cushing's disease  
  c.   Goiter  
  d.   Diabetes  
  5.Which is NOT a change brought about in males by testosterone?  
  a.   Development of facial hair  
  b.   Deepening of voice  
  c.   Fertilization  
  d.   Production of sperm  
  6.Which is NOT a sexually transmitted disease that can affect the male reproductive system?  
  a.   Chlamydia  
  b.   Syphilis  
  c.   Sterility  
  d.   Genital herpes  
  7.Which problem of the male reproductive system is caused by heavy lifting?  
  a.   Sterility  
  b.   Inguinal hernia  
  c.   Testicular cancer  
  d.   Gonorrhea  
  8.When do the ova in a female reach maturity?  
  a.   Birth  
  b.   Puberty  
  c.   Old age  
  d.   Pregnancy  
  9.The purpose of menstruation is to  
  a.   prepare the uterus for pregnancy.  
  b.   remove the unused uterus's lining.  
  c.   release a mature ovum or egg.  
  d.   provide a place for a fertilized ovum to grow.  
  10.Which problem of the female reproductive system is caused by hormonal changes?  
  a.   Menstrual cramps  
  b.   Premenstrual syndrome  
  c.   Toxic shock syndrome  
  d.   Endometriosis  



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