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Chapter 25: Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS

Practice Test
  1.Which is NOT a high-risk behavior that puts a teen at risk of STDs?  
  a.   engaging in unprotected sex  
  b.   using alcohol and other drugs  
  c.   being sexually active with more than one partner  
  d.   practicing abstinence  
  2.Which is NOT a consequence of contracting STDs?  
  a.   Improved immune system  
  b.   Sterility  
  c.   Cancer  
  d.   Damage to the nervous systems of unborn children  
  3.What is the only way for teens to protect themselves completely from STDs?  
  a.   practicing abstinence  
  b.   practicing high risk behaviors  
  c.   choosing healthy partners  
  d.   getting vaccines  
  4.Which STD can be cured?  
  a.   Genital herpes  
  b.   Hepatitis B  
  c.   Hepatitis C  
  d.   Gonorrhea  
  5.Which statement about HIV/AIDS is false?  
  a.   New treatments have extended the lives of AIDS patients.  
  b.   There has been an increase in the number of AIDS cases among teens.  
  c.   The overall rate of new cases of HIV has risen since 1985.  
  d.   Teens have the fastest growing rates of HIV infection.  
  6.Which statement about HIV/AIDS is true?  
  a.   HIV is the same thing as AIDS.  
  b.   The HIV organism lives inside cells and body fluids.  
  c.   HIV organisms survive well in air and on surfaces.  
  d.   Babies never contract HIV from their mothers.  
  7.Which is NOT a way that HIV can be transmitted?  
  a.   through sexual contact  
  b.   from a mother to an unborn child  
  c.   by sharing drug needles  
  d.   by eating food from an infected person's plate  
  8.What happens during the first stage of HIV infection?  
  a.   There are no symptoms for years.  
  b.   Flu-like symptoms appear.  
  c.   Symptoms such as weight loss and swollen glands appear.  
  d.   The number of t cells drops suddenly.  
  9.Which statement about HIV testing is false?  
  a.   The tests are not always accurate.  
  b.   The Western Blot (WB) test is more accurate than other tests.  
  c.   Other diseases may trigger positive test results.  
  d.   A person can live without symptoms for years.  
  10.In 2002, AIDS was  
  a.   the leading cause of death worldwide.  
  b.   the fourth leading cause of death worldwide.  
  c.   controlled for the first time by vaccine.  
  d.   caused the death of less than 1 million people.  



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