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DECA Practice Test

Retail Merchandising

Practice Test
  1.A product that rose to popularity, but is going out of fashion is at the end of the  
  a.   life cycle  
  b.   product/service mix  
  c.   fashion cycle  
  d.   patronage cycle  
  2.Iverís department store has several very large stores in shopping malls, smaller stores in small cities, and a very small store aboard a cruise ship that sells only cruise-related merchandise. This tiny store is considered a(n)  
  a.   anchor store  
  b.   branch store  
  c.   twig store  
  d.   leaf store  
  3.Coca-Cola advertises its products heavily on television, radio, and magazines. This is part of the companyís  
  a.   pull policy  
  b.   push policy  
  c.   retailing strategy  
  d.   product/service mix  
  4.The Good Guys sells appliances such as refrigerators, but they do not keep a stock of refrigerators in the store. One of each model of refrigerator is displayed in the store. The rest are stored offsite and are called  
  a.   warehouse reserve stock  
  b.   reserve stock  
  c.   forward reserve stock  
  d.   warehouse club stock  
  5.When customers buy products showcased on the Home Shopping Network, they are engaging in  
  a.   Internet shopping  
  b.   fad shopping  
  c.   impulse shopping  
  d.   electronic shopping  
  6.Menís suits are often priced with tickets that hook over a button. These tickets are known as  
  a.   hole pin tickets  
  b.   hanging tickets  
  c.   button tickets  
  d.   ringseal tickets  
  7.Many stores attach small devices to goods that will set off an alarm if they leave the store. These devices are known as  
  a.   shoplifting detection wafers  
  b.   thief catchers  
  c.   bait wafers  
  d.   ringseal tickets  
  8.A drugstore that also sells health and beauty products and small appliances is considered  
  a.   a hard line store  
  b.   a soft line store  
  c.   a multi-line store  
  d.   a limited line store  
  9.After a driver makes a delivery of merchandise to a store, he leaves a  
  a.   bill of lading  
  b.   delivery receipt  
  c.   tracking memo  
  d.   UVM  
  10.Many discount stores put prices on the shelf, rather than on each individual item. This pricing system is known as  
  a.   premarking  
  b.   unit pricing  
  c.   bundle pricing  
  d.   nonmarking  


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