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DECA Practice Test

Retail Merchandising

Practice Test
  1.Many stores attach small devices to goods that will set off an alarm if they leave the store. These devices are known as  
  a.   shoplifting detection wafers  
  b.   thief catchers  
  c.   bait wafers  
  d.   ringseal tickets  
  2.Candy and magazines are often placed near the cash register to encourage people to buy them even if they hadn’t planned to. Such items are known as  
  a.   unsought products  
  b.   impulse items  
  c.   staples  
  d.   shopping items  
  3.FIFO stands for  
  a.   fall in/fall out; a description of the fashion cycle  
  b.   first in-first out; a stock rotation system  
  c.   fly in-fly out; a description of fads  
  d.   first in-first owner; a stock ownership system  
  4.A buying method in which the buyer makes buying decisions based on inventory and sales numbers, rather than cost is  
  a.   dollar control  
  b.   physical inventory  
  c.   partial control  
  d.   unit control  
  5.An office located in a central merchandising area where buyers can receive information about new products is known as a  
  a.   cooperative  
  b.   resident buying office  
  c.   manufacturer’s representative  
  d.   buying office  
  6.When retailers demand that manufacturers make goods within certain guidelines, they are engaging in  
  a.   specification buying  
  b.   preretailing  
  c.   proxemics  
  d.   a retailing strategy  
  7.Blue Hawaiian Shirts had gross sales in February of $23,000. In addition, $1,000 worth of pink shirts were returneWhat is Blue Hawaiian’s returns percentage?  
  a.   $22,000  
  b.   4.30%  
  c.   23%  
  d.   4.50%  
  8.Jeffrey has a navy blue jacket that he bought in 1963 and still wears because it has never gone out of style. The jacket can be described as  
  a.   a fad  
  b.   classic  
  c.   a convenience product  
  d.   reserved  
  9.The process of distinguishing services or products through design is called  
  a.   building awareness  
  b.   grade labeling  
  c.   informative labeling  
  d.   differentiation  
  10.At the Lancome counter in Macy’s department store, the beauty products are stored in cabinets and drawers behind the counter. This stock is referred to as  
  a.   forward reserve stock  
  b.   forward stock  
  c.   reserve stock  
  d.   under-the-counter stock  


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