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DECA Practice Test

Retail Merchandising

Practice Test
  1.When Cheryl closed her register for the day, the audit tape showed that there should be $487.29 in her drawer. In fact there was $476.29 in the drawer. This discrepancy is referred to as a(n)  
  a.   overerr  
  b.   undererr  
  c.   point-of-sale error  
  d.   audit error  
  2.Many discount stores put prices on the shelf, rather than on each individual item. This pricing system is known as  
  a.   premarking  
  b.   unit pricing  
  c.   bundle pricing  
  d.   nonmarking  
  3.Bill is an accountant. His product/service mix could best be described as  
  a.   tangible product  
  b.   goods with an accompanying service  
  c.   service with accompanying goods  
  d.   service only  
  4.If a store keeps all its inventory on the selling floor, all of its stock can be referred to as  
  a.   reserve stock  
  b.   under-the-counter stock  
  c.   forward stock  
  d.   impulse stock  
  5.Doreen was creating a window display with a scrim, which is the term for  
  a.   a window backing that covers the bottom half of the window  
  b.   a sheer fabric that can be used as a backdrop, often with a scene painted on it  
  c.   a decorative fabric used to create texture on surfaces to suggest a scene such as a beach  
  d.   a decorative border made of corrugated, brightly colored cardboard  
  6.Margaret’s Gifts offers free gift wrap for customers. This free service is considered a  
  a.   convenience product  
  b.   retailing method  
  c.   retail strategy  
  d.   supportive service  
  7.Which of the following are examples of home furnishings?  
  a.   a pearl necklace  
  b.   a matched set of crystal goblets  
  c.   books  
  d.   his and hers matching sweat suits  
  8.Wanda’s World of Wands sells magic wands of all kinds from all over the worlWanda’s would be considered a  
  a.   variety store  
  b.   branch store  
  c.   twig store  
  d.   specialty store  
  9.Mandy’s Candies leases a 150-square-foot boutique inside Gerald’s department store. Mandy’s hires its own staff and controls its own stock. Mandy’s can be described as a(n)  
  a.   leased department  
  b.   boutique department  
  c.   acquisition  
  d.   cooperative  
  10.A department store that only sells clothing and accessories can be described as  
  a.   a full-line store  
  b.   a hard-line store  
  c.   a multi-line store  
  d.   a limited-line store  


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