Florida FCAT Test Practice
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Self Check Quiz

Standard FCAT MA.D.1.3.1

Practice Test
  1.Which area south of 60 N latitude averages more than 240 days of snow cover?

  a.   west of Volgograd  
  b.   north of Omsk  
  c.   east of Khabarovsk  
  d.   south of Anadyr  
  2.Which countries in southern Europe have areas of population density over 250 people per square mile?

  a.   Portugal, Spain, Greece  
  b.   Portugal, Spain, Italy  
  c.   Spain, Italy, Cyprus  
  d.   Italy, Greece, Andorra  
  3.How many more tons of rice does China produce than Indonesia?

  a.   150 million tons  
  b.   70 million tons  
  c.   170 million tons  
  d.   180 million tons  
  4.Fishing is an important economic activity in North Africa. Where does most fishing in the region take place?

  a.   Atlantic Ocean and Red Sea  
  b.   eastern Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean  
  c.   Red Sea and western Mediterranean Sea  
  d.   western Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean  
  5.In which area of Russia is ranching important to the economy?

  a.   eastern  
  b.   northern  
  c.   western  
  d.   southern  
  6.About how long did it take for the population of Australia to double since 1958?

  a.   10 years  
  b.   20 years  
  c.   30 years  
  d.   40 years  
  7.In which country are the highest areas of the Atlas Mountains located?

  a.   Algeria  
  b.   Morocco  
  c.   Libya  
  d.   Tunisia  
  8.What is the ratio of the South American population to European population?

  a.   3 to 4  
  b.   4 to 3  
  c.   5 to 6  
  d.   6 to 5  
  9.What percentage of the world's population lives in China?

  a.   60.7 percent  
  b.   20.8 percent  
  c.   13.2 percent  
  d.   39.3 percent  
  10.A high percentage of rural population indicates that a country is less developed (This is because more people must work in non-mechanized agriculture in order to meet the food needs of the country). Based on this measurement, which country in Africa, south of the Sudan, is the least developed?

  a.   Djibouti  
  b.   Angola  
  c.   Rwanda  
  d.   Lesotho