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Self Check Quiz

Standard FCAT MA.A.4.3.1

Practice Test
  1.You live in Cambden (B-5) and plan to spend the afternoon at Selkirk Beach (A-3). What is the shortest distance to the beach?

  a.   36 miles  
  b.   29 miles  
  c.   16 miles  
  d.   It is impossible to tell  
  2.How many miles would an explorer have to travel to get from Libreville on the Atlantic Ocean to Mt. Kenya?

  a.   1,700 miles  
  b.   2,000 miles  
  c.   2,500 miles  
  d.   5,000 miles  
  3.About how many fewer farms existed in the U.S. in 1960 than in 1940?

  a.   3.5 million  
  b.   4 million  
  c.   8 million  
  d.   2.5 million  
  4.What is the distance between the zinc deposits of South Asia?

  a.   1300 miles  
  b.   500 miles  
  c.   900 miles  
  d.   1700 miles  
  5.Which peak is about 3 times as high as Kosciuszku?

  a.   Mount Everest  
  b.   Mount Aconcagua  
  c.   South America  
  d.   Mount McKinley  
  6.You like exploring the mouths of rivers, where they join a larger body of water. While in central Asia, you travel from river to river. How far do you travel from the mouth of the Ural River to the mouth of the Syr Darya River?

  a.   450 miles  
  b.   400 miles  
  c.   900 miles  
  d.   600 miles  
  7.You produce grapes in the south of France. How far must you travel from Marseille to Paris to sell your grapes?

  a.   425 miles  
  b.   325 kilometers  
  c.   225 miles  
  d.   125 miles  
  8.How much taller is Mount Toubkal than the Peak of Tenerife in feet?

  a.   1,467  
  b.   447  
  c.   13,665  
  d.   4,165  
  9.What was the ratio of visitors to Kenya, comparing 1990-1985?

  a.   1/4  
  b.   3 to 4  
  c.   4 to 3  
  d.   2 to 3  
  10.Which country in the region has the highest average elevation?

  a.   Sudan  
  b.   Somalia  
  c.   Kenya  
  d.   Ethiopia