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Self Check Quiz

Standard FCAT MA.A.3.3.2

Practice Test
  1.Which city has half the population of Cairo?

  a.   Tehran  
  b.   Alexandria  
  c.   Ankara  
  d.   Istanbul  
  2.How many meters higher in elevation do apples grow than citrus fruits?

  a.   6,500 meters  
  b.   1,240 meters  
  c.   760 meters  
  d.   2,000 meters  
  3.You produce grapes in the south of France. You must travel from Marseille to Paris to sell your grapes. How long will it take you to get there in a train traveling 50 miles per hour?

  a.   4 hours, 15 minutes  
  b.   8 hours, 30 minutes  
  c.   5 hours, 40 minutes  
  d.   3 hours, 30 minutes  
  4.How much taller is Gran Paradiso than Mt. Olympus?

  a.   2,735 feet  
  b.   7,325 feet  
  c.   3,753 feet  
  d.   5,337 feet  
  5.How long did it take for the second civilization to develop after the Fertile Crescent Civilization developed?

  a.   1,800 years  
  b.   1,000 years  
  c.   400 years  
  d.   2,000 years  
  6.Compared to Mt. Elbrus, how tall is Klyuchevskaya Sopka?

  a.   about 70 percent as tall  
  b.   about 85 percent as tall  
  c.   about 115 percent as tall  
  d.   about 50 percent as tall  
  7.If it is 4:00 P.M. in Rio de Janeiro, what time is it in Honolulu?

  a.   9:00 A.M.  
  b.   4:00 P.M  
  c.   7:00 P.M.  
  d.   10:00 P.M.  
  8."Transportation in the United States"

Do you know how much time you spend each day going from one place to another? If you were to keep track of this time each day of the week, the results might surprise you. Most of us spend many hours each week traveling. Moving people and goods from place to place is called transportation.

The United States has one of the best transportation systems in the world. We use roads, railroads, waterways, airways, and pipelines to move ourselves and our products. The United States has about 5.3 million miles (about 8 million km) of roads, streets, and highways. It has more miles of railroads than any other country. Five of the 10 busiest airports in the world are in the United States. Trucks carry 39 percent of America's goods. About 13 percent of goods are carried by water. And about 6 percent of goods shipped in the United States travel by pipeline. Railroads carry about 42 percent of goods.

Many of the products you use each day are made in some other part of the country. The raw materials that are used to make these products come from around the world. Transportation makes it possible to gather the raw materials and ship the finished goods to market. Transportation also makes it possible for workers to get to the factory to make the goods.

What percentage of the world's busiest airports are located in the United States?
  a.   50 percent  
  b.   90 percent  
  c.   10 percent  
  d.   33 percent  
  9.The capital of Mongolia is how much farther away from the capital of China than the capital of Taiwan?

  a.   about 1,000 miles  
  b.   about 1,100 miles  
  c.   about 300 miles  
  d.   about 700 miles  
  10.Imagine you have a friend in Rome, Italy. Your friend needs you to call at 7:00 P.M. What time will it be in Florida when you call your friend?

  a.   9:00 A.M.  
  b.   4:00 P.M.  
  c.   1:00 P.M.  
  d.   7:00 P.M.