Florida FCAT Test Practice
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Self Check Quiz

Standard FCAT MA.A.1.3.2

Practice Test
  1.What is the ratio of Baltic languages to Celtic languages?

  a.   3 to 4  
  b.   11 to 4  
  c.   1 to 2  
  d.   1 to 1  
  2.The Amazon River basin is rich in the precious metals, gold and silver. If you assume each symbol represents an equivalent amount of gold and silver, what percentage of precious metal deposits are silver?

  a.   20 percent  
  b.   25 percent  
  c.   75 percent  
  d.   80 percent  
  3.What is the ratio of Slavic languages to Romance languages?

  a.   11 to 5  
  b.   11 to 8  
  c.   1 to 2  
  d.   7 to 3  
  4.What is the ratio of gold deposits to copper deposits?

  a.   1 to 2  
  b.   4 to 1  
  c.   3 to 2  
  d.   1 to 3  
  5.What is the ratio of Cairo's population to Istanbul's population?

  a.   13.5 to 6  
  b.   6 to 13.5  
  c.   1 to 1  
  d.   6.75 to 13:5  
  6.If the populations of Spain and Belgium are combined, which country has the most similar population?

  a.   United States  
  b.   Germany  
  c.   Europe  
  d.   Ukraine  
  7.Which civilization developed first?

  a.   Fertile Crescent  
  b.   Ancient Egypt  
  c.   Indus River Valley  
  d.   Shang Dynasty  
  8.Compared to Vietnam, about how much rice does Indonesia produce?

  a.   less than half as much  
  b.   more than four times as much  
  c.   more than twice as much  
  d.   less than twice as much  
  9.What is the approximate population of Belgium?

  a.   120 million  
  b.   120 thousand  
  c.   1.2 million  
  d.   12 million  
  10.If we recycled all yard waste and paper, what fraction of our garbage would this eliminate?

  a.   3/5th  
  b.   1/4th  
  c.   3/8th  
  d.   1/2