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Chapter 5: The Physical Geography of the United States and Canada
  1.The Grand Banks, one of the world’s most important fisheries, is located __________.  
  a.   on the Gulf Coast  
  b.   near the Bering Straight  
  c.   on Hudson Bay  
  d.   off the southeastern shores of Canada  
  2.The Continental Divide determines the __________ of many North American rivers.  
  a.   elevation  
  b.   length  
  c.   directional flow  
  d.   headwaters  
  3.The Cascade Range is part of the __________.  
  a.   Pacific Ranges  
  b.   Appalachian Mountains  
  c.   Rocky Mountains  
  d.   Coast Range  
  4.The point on some eastern rivers where boats can no longer navigate because of rapids and waterfalls is known as the __________.  
  a.   headwaters  
  b.   fall line  
  c.   Missouri Breaks  
  d.   Intracoastal Waterway  
  5.The two areas with the most abundant deposits of natural gas in North America are __________.  
  a.   Louisiana and Quebec  
  b.   Alberta and California  
  c.   Texas and Alberta  
  d.   Alaska and Ontario  
  6.The timberline of the Rocky Mountains demonstrates the impact of __________.  
  a.   latitude  
  b.   longitude  
  c.   elevation  
  d.   rainfall  
  7.__________ are the predominant form of vegetation in the subarctic climate zone.  
  a.   Coniferous trees  
  b.   Deciduous trees  
  c.   Lichens and cotton grass  
  d.   Ferns and mosses  
  8.A __________ is a weather hazard that can appear in North America in winter.  
  a.   supercell  
  b.   hurricane  
  c.   blizzard  
  d.   monsoon  
  9.Prairies, large treeless grassy areas, are found in the __________ region.  
  a.   timberline  
  b.   Great Plains  
  c.   Tundra  
  d.   Everglades  
  10.The Dust Bowl, which swept through the Great Plains in the 1930s, was caused by __________.  
  a.   a lack of rainfall  
  b.   wind erosion  
  c.   overfarming  
  d.   all of the above  


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