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Chapter 1: An Invitation To Sociology
  1.The sociological perspective always focuses on __________.  
  a.   individuals  
  b.   groups  
  c.   governments  
  d.   criminals  
  2.The patterned interaction of people in social relationships is called __________.  
  a.   sociological imagination  
  b.   sociological perspective  
  c.   social structure  
  d.   social dynamics  
  3.The sociological imagination is __________.  
  a.   the ability to see the link between society and self  
  b.   a particular point of view  
  c.   the patterned interaction of people in social relationships  
  d.   the belief that knowledge should be derived from scientific observation  
  4.Who is commonly recognized as the father of sociology?  
  a.   Herbert Spencer  
  b.   Emile Durkheim  
  c.   Max Weber  
  d.   Auguste Comte  
  5.__________ is the study of social stability and order.  
  a.   Social dynamics  
  b.   Social statics  
  c.   Positivism  
  d.   Rationalization  
  6.According to Karl Marx, the __________ are the social class who own the means for producing wealth in industrial society.  
  a.   proletariat  
  b.   capitalists  
  c.   bourgeoisie  
  d.   communists  
  7.Industrial societies are based on __________, or social interdependency based on a web of highly specialized roles.  
  a.   organic solidarity  
  b.   mechanical solidarity  
  c.   verstehen  
  d.   rationalization  
  8.Two early contributors to American sociology are Jane Addams and __________.  
  a.   Max Weber  
  b.   W.E.B. DuBois  
  c.   Herbert Spencer  
  d.   Harriet Martineau  
  9.Which of the following is NOT an assumption of the conflict perspective?  
  a.   A society experiences inconsistency and conflict everywhere.  
  b.   A society tends to seek relative stability.  
  c.   A society is continually subjected to change.  
  d.   A society involves the constraint and coercion of some members by others.  
  10.The theoretical perspective that focuses on interaction among people based on mutually understood symbols is __________.  
  a.   functionalism  
  b.   conflict theory  
  c.   rationalization  
  d.   symbolic interactionism  


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