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Chapter 4: Socialization
  1.__________ is the cultural process of learning to participate in a group.  
  a.   Culture  
  b.   Socialization  
  c.   Ethnocentrism  
  d.   Sociological perspective  
  2.When does socialization begin for humans?  
  a.   at birth  
  b.   by the age of 6 months  
  c.   at about age 2  
  d.   in school  
  3.Which perspective on socialization views socialization as a way of perpetuating the status quo?  
  a.   functionalist perspective  
  b.   conflict perspective  
  c.   symbolic interactionist perspective  
  d.   sociobiological perspective  
  4.__________ stresses the ways in which groups work together to create a stable society.  
  a.   Functionalism  
  b.   Conflict theory  
  c.   Anticipatory socialization  
  d.   Symbolic interactionism  
  5.A person’s __________ is an image of himself or herself as having an identity separate from other people.  
  a.   looking-glass self  
  b.   self-esteem  
  c.   self-concept  
  d.   generalized other  
  6.According to Herbert Mead, in the __________ stage in the development of role taking, children become able to consider the roles of several people simultaneously.  
  a.   imitation  
  b.   play  
  c.   social  
  d.   game  
  7.According to Mead, the self is composed of __________.  
  a.   the “me” and the “us”  
  b.   the “I” and the “we”  
  c.   the “me” and the “I”  
  d.   the “me” and the “you”  
  8.Underlying the formal goals of school is the __________—the informal and unofficial aspects of culture that children are taught in preparation for life.  
  a.   peer group  
  b.   secret socialization  
  c.   hidden curriculum  
  d.   hidden agenda  
  9.The process by which people give up old norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors is called __________.  
  a.   resocialization  
  b.   desocialization  
  c.   anticipatory socialization  
  d.   regressive socialization  
  10.A __________ group is a group whose norms and values are used to guide behavior and with whom a person identifies.  
  a.   peer  
  b.   reference  
  c.   social  
  d.   identity  


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