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Business Communication at Work, 2nd Edition Glencoe Online
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Chapter 5: Planning and Organizing Messages
  1.When writing a letter to refuse a request for credit, you would use the ____.  
  a.   direct approach  
  b.   indirect approach  
  c.   persuasive approach  
  d.   sales approach  
  2.In the negative letter, the last paragraph should ____.  
  a.   state reasons for the refusal  
  b.   offer a counter proposal or alternative  
  c.   restate the refusal  
  d.   all of the above  
  3.A letter following the indirect approach should give the explanation in the ____.  
  a.   first paragraph  
  b.   middle paragraph(s)  
  c.   last paragraph  
  d.   first sentence  
  4.In a negative letter, the negative information or refusal should be placed ____.  
  a.   in the first paragraph  
  b.   in the middle paragraph(s)  
  c.   in the ending paragraph  
  d.   in the last sentence  
  5.If you are turning down an invitation, you should use the ____.  
  a.   direct approach  
  b.   indirect approach  
  c.   persuasive approach  
  d.   sales approach  
  6.Which is NOT considered one of the Seven Cs of communication?  
  a.   considerate  
  b.   coherent  
  c.   consistent  
  d.   correct  
  7.Of the following, the best beginning for a letter using the indirect approach is ____.  
  a.   reasons leading up to the negative news  
  b.   a pleasant, neutral statement  
  c.   stating the refusal  
  d.   requesting action  
  8.Which is NOT an important advantage of oral communication?  
  a.   a more personal form of communication  
  b.   eliminates the need to be a good speller  
  c.   immediate feedback can be given  
  d.   additional questions from the receiver can be answered  
  9.The purpose of the "buffer paragraph" is to ____.  
  a.   set the stage for giving good news  
  b.   provide background for a request for action  
  c.   smooth the way for an unpleasant message  
  d.   give the negative attitude a prominent position  
  10.After the rough draft is written, the next step(s) include(s) ____.  
  a.   editing and correcting the draft  
  b.   adding statistical data  
  c.   choosing the approach to use  
  d.   sending the message quickly  

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