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Business Communication at Work, 2nd Edition Glencoe Online
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Chapter 5: Planning and Organizing Messages
  1.Of the following, the best description of the middle paragraph(s) of a letter using the direct approach is ____.  
  a.   the reselling of the organization/product/service  
  b.   an explanation or details  
  c.   a call for action  
  d.   to build goodwill  
  2.The refusal in negative communications should ____.  
  a.   be stated explicitly or implied clearly  
  b.   be stated in at least two ways  
  c.   be stated in the middle and final paragraphs  
  d.   not be explicitly stated  
  3.The basic skills to understanding include ____.  
  a.   listening  
  b.   reading  
  c.   comprehension  
  d.   all of the above  
  4.In a negative letter, the negative information or refusal should be placed ____.  
  a.   in the first paragraph  
  b.   in the middle paragraph(s)  
  c.   in the ending paragraph  
  d.   in the last sentence  
  5.As a communicator your personal view/opinion becomes ____.  
  a.   primary  
  b.   secondary  
  c.   equal to the organization`s  
  d.   more important than the organization  
  6.What is NOT a key factor to consider in the communication process?  
  a.   Identify the audience.  
  b.   Determine the purpose of the communication.  
  c.   Include enough information to fill the time or space allotted.  
  d.   Maintain a positive attitude throughout the communication.  
  7.When writing a letter to notify a job applicant that he/she was not accepted for the position, you would use the ____.  
  a.   direct approach  
  b.   indirect approach  
  c.   persuasive approach  
  d.   sales approach  
  8.If you describe how the recommendation, product, or service would benefit the receiver, you are trying to arouse ____.  
  a.   attention  
  b.   interest  
  c.   desire  
  d.   action  
  9.The most challenging or problematic communications in business are those that ____.  
  a.   refer the customer to another area  
  b.   admit that the company has made a mistake  
  c.   refuse the receiver`s request  
  d.   none of the above  
  10.As a business communicator, you are responsible for ____.  
  a.   representing your organization and or your department  
  b.   presenting your organization`s position as a fair one  
  c.   sincerely reflecting the attitudes of the organization  
  d.   all of the above  

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