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Business Communication at Work, 2nd Edition Glencoe Online
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Chapter 5: Planning and Organizing Messages
  1.As a business communicator, you are responsible for ____.  
  a.   representing your organization and or your department  
  b.   presenting your organization`s position as a fair one  
  c.   sincerely reflecting the attitudes of the organization  
  d.   all of the above  
  2.The purpose of the "buffer paragraph" is to ____.  
  a.   set the stage for giving good news  
  b.   provide background for a request for action  
  c.   smooth the way for an unpleasant message  
  d.   give the negative attitude a prominent position  
  3.Business letters can be categorized into all of the following EXCEPT ____.  
  a.   routine and "yes" letters  
  b.   nonroutine letters  
  c.   negative communications  
  d.   persuasive communications  
  4.In a bad-news letter, the negative information should be ____.  
  a.   presented in the first paragraph  
  b.   placed immediately following the explanation  
  c.   summarized in the last paragraph  
  d.   avoided completely  
  5.The type of letter that gets directly to the point uses the ____.  
  a.   indirect approach  
  b.   direct approach  
  c.   persuasive approach  
  d.   sales approach  
  6.When writing a letter to notify a job applicant that he/she was not accepted for the position, you would use the ____.  
  a.   direct approach  
  b.   indirect approach  
  c.   persuasive approach  
  d.   sales approach  
  7.If you are writing a letter of recommendation, you should use the ____.  
  a.   direct approach  
  b.   indirect approach  
  c.   persuasive approach  
  d.   explanatory approach  
  8.In the negative letter, the last paragraph should ____.  
  a.   state reasons for the refusal  
  b.   offer a counter proposal or alternative  
  c.   restate the refusal  
  d.   all of the above  
  9.The basic skills to understanding include ____.  
  a.   listening  
  b.   reading  
  c.   comprehension  
  d.   all of the above  
  10.Which is NOT considered one of the Seven Cs of communication?  
  a.   considerate  
  b.   coherent  
  c.   consistent  
  d.   correct  

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