Lewis and Clark
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Sergeant Charles Floyd Monument
Sgt. Charles Floyd Monument
Sgt. Charles Floyd Monument

Incredibly, on the dangerous journey into the unknown undertaken by the Corps of Discovery, only one man died. Sergeant Charles Floyd died from a medical condition, described as "bilious colic" in the expedition journals, which most historians agree was probably a ruptured appendix. At that time, there was no cure for appendicitis, so Floyd would most likely have died regardless of his surroundings.

Today, there is a large monument in Sioux City, Iowa, that has been erected in honor of Floyd. This stone obelisk rises 100 feet high, second only in size to the Washington Monument; Floyd's remains are sealed in its concrete core. In 1960, the Floyd Monument was named the nation's first National Registered Landmark.

Design your own monument to some aspect of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Who should be honored? What should the monument include?

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