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Chapter 31: Ecosystems and Biomes

Practice Test
  1.What is a chemical that includes the element nitrogen?  
  a.   carbon dioxide  
  b.   nitrate  
  c.   chlorophyll  
  d.   phosphate  
  2.What is water in the air that falls to Earth?  
  a.   precipitation  
  b.   carbon dioxide  
  c.   oxygen  
  d.   nitrogen  
  3.What is the process in which water passes through plants and out of the stomata in their leaves?  
  a.   runoff  
  b.   transpiration  
  c.   infiltration  
  d.   precipitation  
  4.What is the recycling of nitrogen in an ecosystem called?  
  a.   the life cycle  
  b.   the nitrogen cycle  
  c.   the water cycle  
  d.   the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle  
  5.What is a water ecosystem in which the water does not have a high salt concentration?  
  a.   salt marsh  
  b.   freshwater ecosystem  
  c.   tidal pool  
  d.   saltwater ecosystem  
  6.What are the changes that take place in a community as it gets older?  
  a.   succession  
  b.   molting  
  c.   aging  
  d.   metamorphosis  
  7.Which biome has the lowest temperature?  
  a.   taiga  
  b.   tundra  
  c.   grassland  
  d.   temperate forest  
  8.Which biome contains palm trees and orchids?  
  a.   tropical rain forest  
  b.   grassland  
  c.   taiga  
  d.   desert  
  9.Which biome contains cacti and small bushes?  
  a.   taiga  
  b.   desert  
  c.   tundra  
  d.   grassland  
  10.What is a community interacting within the environment?  
  a.   biome  
  b.   niche  
  c.   mutualism  
  d.   ecosystem  

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