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Unit 8: The Biosphere

Practice Test
  1.If Earth were a village of 1000 people, which of the following groups would have the most representatives in the village?  
  a.   Asians  
  b.   Americans  
  c.   Europeans  
  d.   Africans  
  2.If Earth were a village of 1000 people, which of the following languages would be spoken by the greatest number of people in the village?  
  a.   Arabic  
  b.   English  
  c.   Mandarin Chinese  
  d.   Spanish  
  3.What model is commonly used to illustrate energy levels at different trophic levels in an ecosystem?  
  a.   electromagnetic spectrum  
  b.   energy pyramid  
  c.   bar graph  
  d.   a table  
  4.What group organized the Earth Summit held in 1992?  
  a.   European Union  
  b.   United Nations  
  c.   World Bank  
  d.   United States  
  5.What kind of ecologist is concerned with issues of transportation, housing, and electricity?  
  a.   marine ecologist  
  b.   urban ecologist  
  c.   wildlife ecologist  
  d.   freshwater ecologist  
  6.What kind of sustainable activities can be used for newspapers?  
  a.   repairing  
  b.   planting  
  c.   cultivating  
  d.   recycling  
  7.Of the three E's of Barbara Bramble's definition of sustainable development, which addresses the need for population, consumption, and distribution patterns to change?  
  a.   ecology  
  b.   economics  
  c.   equity  
  d.   environment  
  8.In what city was the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in 1970?  
  a.   Rio de Janeiro  
  b.   Stockholm  
  c.   Washington, D.C.  
  d.   New York  
  9.What kind of sustainable activities can be used for household items?  
  a.   composting  
  b.   cultivating  
  c.   repairing  
  d.   planting  
  10.What is the process by which land becomes too salty to grow crops?  
  a.   salinization  
  b.   habitat destruction  
  c.   overpopulation  
  d.   extinction  

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