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Unit 8: The Biosphere

Practice Test
  1.What model is commonly used to illustrate energy levels at different trophic levels in an ecosystem?  
  a.   a table  
  b.   energy pyramid  
  c.   electromagnetic spectrum  
  d.   bar graph  
  2.In what city was the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in 1970?  
  a.   New York  
  b.   Stockholm  
  c.   Washington, D.C.  
  d.   Rio de Janeiro  
  3.What do we call the cultivation of fish, shrimp, and other organisms in water?  
  a.   agriculture  
  b.   apiculture  
  c.   aquaculture  
  d.   horticulture  
  4.What is a large valley in central California?  
  a.   San Juaquin Valley  
  b.   Sacramento Valley  
  c.   Tennessee Copper Basin  
  d.   western Amazonia  
  5.One kilogram of grain yields the least biomass when eaten by which of the following primary consumers?  
  a.   beef cattle  
  b.   poultry  
  c.   hogs  
  d.   fish  
  6.What is the process by which land becomes too salty to grow crops?  
  a.   overpopulation  
  b.   salinization  
  c.   habitat destruction  
  d.   extinction  
  7.What term describes a population's role in the ecosystem?  
  a.   habitat  
  b.   population density  
  c.   ecological niche  
  d.   biodiversity  
  8.What is defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs?  
  a.   biodiversity  
  b.   population density  
  c.   sustainable development  
  d.   ecological niche  
  9.If Earth were a village of 1000 people, which of the following languages would be spoken by the greatest number of people in the village?  
  a.   English  
  b.   Spanish  
  c.   Mandarin Chinese  
  d.   Arabic  
  10.Which of these is an example of a sustainable activity for used motor oil?  
  a.   repairing  
  b.   composting  
  c.   recycling  
  d.   cultivating  

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