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Chapter 8: The Cell Cycle

Practice Test
  1.What is the point at which the cell receives signals that tell it to commit to a full round of the cell cycle?  
  a.   G0  
  b.   premitosis  
  c.   restriction point  
  d.   division point  
  2.If checkpoint control proteins detect mistakes and damage during the cell cycle, the cell enters ________ so that repairs can be made.  
  a.   cell-cycle arrest  
  b.   nuclear division  
  c.   interphase  
  d.   cytokinesis  
  3.Which of these is the stage in the cell cycle during which the cell prepares to divide?  
  a.   G1  
  b.   M  
  c.   S  
  d.   G2  
  4.Eukaryotic cell division is part of a complex series of stages in the life of a cell, called ____________ .  
  a.   homeostasis  
  b.   circulation  
  c.   the cell cycle  
  d.   the life cycle  
  5.DNA synthesis requires DNA polymerase, an RNA synthesizine enzyme, and an enzyme that unwinds the double helix. What is the combination of these proteins and DNA called?  
  a.   a nucleosome  
  b.   a replisome  
  c.   chromatin  
  d.   replication origins  
  6.DNA synthesis occurs continuously on only one of the original DNA strands. What is this strand called?  
  a.   the lagging strand  
  b.   the histone strand  
  c.   the discontinuous strand  
  d.   the leading strand  
  7.Which of these cells in the human body, when mature, do not normally divide?  
  a.   skin cells  
  b.   nerve cells  
  c.   stem cells  
  d.   liver cells  
  8.Once mitosis and cytokinesis are complete, what part of the cell cycle do the daughter cells enter?  
  a.   G0  
  b.   prophase  
  c.   telophase  
  d.   G1  
  9.What is another term for mitosis?  
  a.   interphase  
  b.   cytokinesis  
  c.   nuclear division  
  d.   S stage  
  10.During what stage of the cell cycle does DNA replicate?  
  a.   S  
  b.   G0  
  c.   M  
  d.   R  

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