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Chapter 8: The Cell Cycle

Practice Test
  1.What is the result of the synthesis of DNA?  
  a.   one strand of DNA and its complementary RNA strand  
  b.   two double-stranded DNA molecules  
  c.   four single-stranded DNA molecules  
  d.   two double-stranded RNA molecules  
  2.What is any change in the sequence of a cell's DNA?  
  a.   a nuclear division  
  b.   a replication  
  c.   a mutation  
  d.   a restriction  
  3.What is the period in the cell cycle between cell divisions?  
  a.   metaphase  
  b.   telophase  
  c.   anaphase  
  d.   interphase  
  4.Once mitosis is complete, what must occur before cell division is complete?  
  a.   passing the restriction point  
  b.   cytokinesis  
  c.   nuclear division  
  d.   DNA replication  
  5.Which is the correct order of the stages of mitosis, beginning with interphase of the cell cycle?  
  a.   prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase  
  b.   metaphase, anaphase, telophase, prophase  
  c.   telophase, prophase, metaphase, telophase  
  d.   anaphase, telophase, prophase, metaphase  
  6.What is another term for mitosis?  
  a.   S stage  
  b.   interphase  
  c.   cytokinesis  
  d.   nuclear division  
  7.In an eukaryotic cell, what controls the stages of the cell cycle?  
  a.   kinases  
  b.   proteins called cyclins  
  c.   proteins called histones  
  d.   DNA polymerase  
  8.If checkpoint control proteins detect mistakes and damage during the cell cycle, the cell enters ________ so that repairs can be made.  
  a.   nuclear division  
  b.   cytokinesis  
  c.   cell-cycle arrest  
  d.   interphase  
  9.Once mitosis and cytokinesis are complete, what part of the cell cycle do the daughter cells enter?  
  a.   G1  
  b.   G0  
  c.   prophase  
  d.   telophase  
  10.Eukaryotic cell division is part of a complex series of stages in the life of a cell, called ____________ .  
  a.   the cell cycle  
  b.   the life cycle  
  c.   homeostasis  
  d.   circulation  

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