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Practice Test
  1.What types of blood vessels carry blood away from the heart?  
  a.   artery  
  b.   vein  
  c.   atrium  
  d.   ventricle  
  2.What kind of circulatory systems do insects have?  
  a.   jellylike  
  b.   closed  
  c.   sticky  
  d.   open  
  3.What valve is between the left atrium and left ventricle?  
  a.   bicuspid  
  b.   semilunar valve  
  c.   tricuspid  
  d.   mouth  
  4.What is the smallest kind of blood vessel?  
  a.   vein  
  b.   villum  
  c.   artery  
  d.   capillary  
  5.What is the force created when blood pushes against the walls of the blood vessels?  
  a.   air pressure  
  b.   blood pressure  
  c.   pulse  
  d.   gravity  
  6.What are the blood vessels that carry blood to and from the heart muscle?  
  a.   venae cavae  
  b.   atria  
  c.   coronary vessels  
  d.   ventricles  
  7.Which of these is the pump inside your chest?  
  a.   heart  
  b.   aorta  
  c.   lung  
  d.   liver  
  8.What are the small chambers inside the upper portion of the heart?  
  a.   ventricles  
  b.   atria  
  c.   veins  
  d.   arteries  
  9.What are the large arteries that carry deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs?  
  a.   pulmonary veins  
  b.   pulmonary arteries  
  c.   atria  
  d.   ventricles  
  10.What do we call the death of a part of the heart?  
  a.   heartburn  
  b.   heart attack  
  c.   ulcer  
  d.   hypertension  

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