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Chapter 2: Principles of Ecology

Practice Test
  1.The branch of biology that deals with the environment and the interactions of organisms in it is __________.  
  a.   ecology  
  b.   natural history  
  c.   an ecosystem  
  d.   a niche  
  2.Abiotic factors in the environment are all __________.  
  a.   the same as dead things  
  b.   living  
  c.   nonliving  
  d.   easily measured  
  3.A group of populations that interact in an area is __________.  
  a.   an ecosystem  
  b.   a biome  
  c.   a community  
  d.   a population  
  4.Lions, birds, snakes and trees are all __________.  
  a.   biotic factors  
  b.   abiotic factors  
  c.   part of a niche  
  d.   in the same food chain  
  5.Grass --> Grasshopper --> Mockingbird represents __________.  
  a.   an ecosystem  
  b.   a food web  
  c.   a food pyramid  
  d.   a food chain  
  6.Energy in an ecosystem is used for growth or lost as __________.  
  a.   death  
  b.   biomass  
  c.   heat  
  d.   light  
  7.Algae, grasses and trees are all __________.  
  a.   consumers  
  b.   pyramids  
  c.   decomposers  
  d.   producers  
  8.Which chemical cycle uses bacteria to fix gases from the air?  
  a.   carbon  
  b.   phosphorus  
  c.   water  
  d.   nitrogen  
  9.A trophic level represents a _________.  
  a.   pyramid  
  b.   chemical cycle  
  c.   consumer  
  d.   feeding level  
  10.If one organism is closely associated with and survives at the expense of another, a __________ relationship exists.  
  a.   herbivore  
  b.   commensalistic  
  c.   parasitic  
  d.   mutualistic  
  11.The portion of Earth that supports life is the __________.  
  a.   biosphere  
  b.   community  
  c.   ecosystem  
  d.   individual  
  12.An animal that eats plants and meat is a(n) __________.  
  a.   omnivore  
  b.   producer  
  c.   herbivore  
  d.   carnivore  
  13.Organisms that break down organic matter are __________.  
  a.   producers  
  b.   autotrophs  
  c.   in the plant kingdom  
  d.   decomposers  
  14.An organism`s role in its community is its __________, and where it lives is its _________.  
  a.   habitat; niche  
  b.   niche; role in the community  
  c.   niche; habitat  
  d.   role in community; niche  
  15.Herbivores and carnivores are _________, but plants and algae are __________.  
  a.   consumers; producers  
  b.   animals; consumers  
  c.   omnivores; producers  
  d.   consumers; decomposers  

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