Section #: 29.4 Formation of Our Solar System

Practice Test
  1.Comets are bodies that are __________ that orbit __________. SC.E.1.4.2  
  a.   larger than Earth, Earth  
  b.   icy, each planet  
  c.   ice and rock, the Sun  
  d.   helium gas, the Sun  
  2.Where are most asteroids located? SC.E.1.4.2  
  a.   outside of Pluto's orbit  
  b.   between Mars and Jupiter  
  c.   orbiting all planets  
  d.   between Earth and Venus  
  3.The objects that eventually formed planets by colliding and merging are called __________. SC.E.1.4.2  
  a.   solar nebula  
  b.   asteroids  
  c.   planetesimals  
  d.   stars  

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