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Meet the Masters


Imagine meeting one of the world's greatest artists, such as Michelangelo or Rembrandt. What questions would you have for a master artist? How do you think he or she would respond? Although most of the best-known masters have long since passed on, you can still "meet" them on the Internet and learn about them. The web sites created to introduce you to great artists may not answer all of your questions, but they will offer many facts and show examples of their masterpieces. Once you have made your Internet visit, use your imagination and your new knowledge to envision a real encounter.

Try This

Visit the sites for two of the artists listed in your Artist's Passport. Click on the button and print out two copies of your worksheet. Then click on the artists of your choice. If you cannot make up your mind about which artists to visit, briefly visit all of them first. Once you have made your selections, carefully read through all of the information, look at the artworks, and click on any highlighted terms that will tell you more about the artist. Answer the questions for both artists on your worksheet. If possible, download and print out images of your favorite masterpieces to include with your worksheet. Print Worksheet

Artist's Passport Web Links

Leonardo da Vinci



Claude Monet

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Vincent van Gogh


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