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Welcome to Studio Cyberspace, where creative adventures on the Internet begin. Choose from a selection of outcome-based activities designed to motivate students to explore art resources in cyberspace. Each activity is a guided adventure to carefully selected Web sites that will help students learn more about artists and art around the world. Please take note of our Glencoe Web site Disclaimer at the end of this page.

Studio Cyberspace activities are designed so that students can follow directions independently. Each activity includes a printable worksheet with clear instructions. A Teacher Page also accompanies each activity, providing you with learning objectives, teaching strategies, and classroom ideas.

Here is an overview of what you'll find in Studio Cyberspace.


A Teacher Page for each activity is provided here in a separate section just for you. Read the guidelines for teachers for each activity before you assign the activity to students. These pages are also accessible to students, so they won't contain specific answers to questions posed in the worksheets. Each Teacher Page contains:

Explains the activity and describes what students will be doing.

Lists learning objectives to help you evaluate students' work.

Getting Started:
Provides you with ideas and suggestions on how to guide students through the activity and for motivating them as they complete their worksheets. Additional materials may also be presented for you to use as you introduce students to the activity.

Classroom Follow-Up:
Suggests teaching strategies and ideas for extending each Internet activity into the classroom. Additional follow-up activities may also be suggested.


Students will reach the Studio Cyberspace page from the address provided in the Student Text Curriculum Connections page.

Picture This:
Begins with background information or introductory material intended to set the stage for students and to motivate them to complete the activity.

Try This:
Provides students with short, step-by-step directions for completing the Student Worksheets. The worksheet can be printed out from this page by clicking on the print button. You may prefer to duplicate the reproducible worksheet masters provided in the printed Internet Activities booklet that accompanies this program. Students will be instructed to use the material in the hot-linked sites listed in the Artist's Passport section of the activity.

Artist's Passport Web Links:
Lists pre-selected web sites as hot links for students to visit and use to complete their activity worksheets.

Glencoe/McGraw-Hill's unique Internet Activities are a source for extended information related to Unit and Chapter Content. The sites referenced here are not under the control of Glencoe and therefore Glencoe makes no representation concerning the content of these sites. We encourage teachers to preview these sites before students access them. Internet sites are sometimes under construction and may not always be available, sites may move, or a site may have been discontinued completely.


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