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Introduction to Career Clusters


Welcome to the Career Clusters Series Web site! The Career Clusters Series introduces you to the exciting range of careers available in today's world of work. You'll learn about all kinds of career possibilities, the knowledge and skills you'll need to succeed, and trends and technologies that are transforming the American workplace.

Career clusters are groups of similar occupations and industries. They were developed by the U.S. Department of Education as a way to organize career planning. To find out more about the career cluster program and get the latest information about the 16 career clusters, visit the States' Career Clusters initiative at

The Career Clusters Series workbooks will help you discover your interests and decide where you want your future to take you. So go ahead and start exploring! There is a big world of work out there, and it's waiting for you!

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Agriculture &
Natural Resources

Architecture and Construction
Architecture &
Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications
Arts, Audio/Video Technology,
& Communications
Business and Administration
Business & Administration
Education and Training
Education &
Government and Public Administration
Government & Public Administration
Health Science
Health Science
Hospitality and Tourism
Hospitality &
Human Services
Human Services
Information Technology
Information Technology
Law and Public Safety
Law &
Public Safety
Retail/Wholesale Sales and Service
Sales & Service
Scientific Research and Engineering
Scientific Research
& Engineering
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
Distribution, &

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Introduction to Career Clusters
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