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Family Links

Family Education
This site is loaded with information and activities for you and your children-all of it organized under such categories as family news and hot topics, parenting challenges, special needs, software downloads, ideas from parents, advice from experts, and activities for all ages.

Parents Guide to the Internet
This U.S. Department of Education online brochure introduces parents to the Internet's use as an important educational tool. In addition to basic tips, you'll find suggestions for using the Internet for school projects and information about how the Internet can enrich the learning experiences of children with special needs. This site also includes Internet safety guidelines, an Internet glossary, and links to a number of fascinating Web sites that are designed with you and your children in mind.

ERIC Parent Information Center
The U.S. Education Resource Information Center (ERIC) created this site to provide "educational materials and services to parents who take an active role in their children's education." Here you'll find online brochures and magazines, links to education and parent-friendly sites, and ideas for learning activities. Parents can search the ERIC database or use the AskERIC question-answering service for research-based answers to education questions.

The New York Times Learning Network
With its "Word of the Day" and crossword puzzles, this site provides vocabulary and spelling practice. In addition, you and your children can reflect on the past with daily historical facts, stay current with news summaries, and test your memory with current-events quizzes. Click on the "Parent Connections" link to browse education news and educational product reviews.

Internet Public Library
With an extensive selection of reference tools, online exhibits, and online texts, this site is a great starting point for any research or writing project. Through this site, you can access newspapers from every state and many countries as well. The Teachers' and Parents' Corner, located in the section for youth, is devoted to topics concerning students and education.

Awesome Library
This online library's more than 14,000 resources are carefully screened to be child-safe, current, and useful. Sites are organized for students, parents, teachers, and librarians. To search the library, click on a topic (or customize your own search) and then view a list of search results categorized by source, such as periodicals, discussion groups, or lists.

Bilingual Parenting
The National Clearinghouse on Bilingual Education maintains this site dedicated to school issues and research regarding linguistically and culturally diverse learners. In addition to providing strategies for parenting a bilingual child and fostering bilingualism, this site provides information about incorporating technology into bilingual education.
This is an invaluable site for internet research. Not only does it contain the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica, but it also contains listings of thousands of Web sites, rated by Britannica editors, and magazines, books, and the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. Search by topics from arts, science, travel, and technology. Also, link to today's news postings from the Washington Post.

U.S. Department of Education
This home page for the U.S. Department of Education contains a wide array of information, from programs and services, to publications and products, to obtaining student financial assistance. Included are links to articles in the education headlines and a list of the most requested items.

Colleges and Universities
At this site, you and your college-bound student can begin to narrow the field of choices for college or university. Schools are ranked in a variety of orders, including academically by subject, best value, and location. Community colleges are included as well as tips on identifying interests and skills, obtaining financial aid, and finding internships.

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