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  Glencoe Accounting: Real-World Applications and Connections, First-Year Course
Fifth Edition, © 2004

Guerrieri, Haber, Hoyt, and Turner


Student Edition 0-07-845670-3
Teacher Wraparound Edition 0-07-846097-2
Teacher Classroom Resources 0-07-846129-4

  • Peachtree Complete® Accounting software and applications, used in over 500,000 businesses, is integrated at the point of instruction throughout the Student Edition and Working Papers.
  • New! A new chapter featuring the critical topic of ethics in accounting prepares students for both personal and business ethical dilemmas and provides opportunities for them to explore their own ethical decision-making process.
  • Source documents integrated throughout the text provide a real-world approach to accounting.
  • Glencoe Accounting Web site ( provides extensive opportunities to review, reinforce, and supplement students’ learning.
  • New! Power Reading Strategies are included with each unit opening. Students improve their reading skills by predicting what each section will be about, connecting subject matter with their own lives.
  • Business Transaction Analysis Model simplifies the critical thinking processes for students each time they learn to record a new transaction.
  • New! Using QuickBooks Pro 2001 with Glencoe Accounting allows students to complete problems using QuickBooks Pro 2001. Real-world software applications help them improve their employability, their real-world software skills, and their success in higher education pursuits.
  • New! Flexible covering of Adjusting Entries for a Service Business provides more students with more of the how and when adjusting entries are made. You may address adjusting entries at the point in the course where it is most beneficial.
  • New! Using the Numeric Keyboard will become a daily part of your students’ study of accounting practices and procedures. Drills, strategies, and reinforcement of important keyboarding skills are included.
  • 28 real-world businesses, one for each chapter, connect chapter accounting concepts and procedures to today’s business world.
  • Transaction Analysis Model is presented for each new accounting task and transaction, to help your students learn how to analyze and record business transactions as they strengthen their critical-thinking skills.
  • Source Documents drive the content. Hundreds of examples of source documents are included in the text. Selected end-of-chapter problems and the six mini-practice sets have source documents in the Chapter Reviews and Working Papers.
  • Workplace Connections activities allow students to apply chapter content to their own work environments.
  • Analyzing Financial Reports brings accounting to life as students analyze portions of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc. financial statements (included in the textbook appendix).
Text Contents:
  1. You and the World of Accounting
  2. The World of Business and Accounting
  3. Business Transactions and the Accounting Equation
  4. Transactions That Affect Assets, Liabilities, and Owner’s Equity
  5. Transactions That Affect Revenue, Expenses, and Withdrawals
  6. Recording Transactions in a General Journal
  7. Posting Journal Entries to General Ledger Accounts
  8. The Six-Column Worksheet
  9. Financial Statements for a Sole Proprietorship
  10. Completing the Accounting Cycle for a Sole Proprietorship
  11. Cash Control and Banking Activities
  12. Payroll Accounting
  13. Payroll Liabilities and Tax Records
  14. Accounting for Sales and Cash Receipts
  15. Accounting for Purchases and Cash Payments
  16. Special Journals: Sales and Cash Receipts
  17. Special Journals: Purchases and Cash Receipts
  18. Adjustments and the Ten-Column Work Sheet
  19. Financial Statements for a Corporation
  20. Completing the Accounting Cycle for a Merchandising Corporation
  21. Accounting for Publicly Held Corporations
  22. Cash Funds
  23. Plant Assets and Depreciation
  24. Uncollectible Accounts Receivable
  25. Inventories
  26. Notes Payable and Receivable
  27. Introduction to Partnerships
  28. Financial Statements and Liquidation of a Partnership

Student Materials

  • Student Edition
  • Working Papers, Chapters 1-29
  • Working Papers, Chapters 1-13
  • Working Papers, Chapters 14-29
  • Accounting Portfolio
  • School-to-Work Handbook

  • Simulations
  • Adventure Travels
  • *Adventure Travels Teacher Manual
  • Outer Banks Marketplace, Inc.
  • *Outer Banks Marketplace, Inc. Teacher Manual
  • Digital Express
  • *Digital Express Teacher Manual

  • Teacher Materials
  • Teacher Wraparound Edition
  • *Working Papers, Chapters 1-29, Teacher Annotated Edition
  • Interactive Lesson Planner
  • Teacher Classroom Resources
  • *Lesson Plans
  • *Block Scheduling
  • *Demonstration Problems
  • *School-to-Work Handbook, Teacher Manual
  • *Accounting Portfolio, Teacher Manual
  • *Strategies for Teaching Ethics in Accounting
  • *Accounting Competitive Events Review
  • *Strategies for Teaching International Accounting
  • *Math Review for Accounting
  • *Internet Resources and Activities Handbook
  • *Spanish Language Resources

  • Multimedia
  • Electronic Learning Center Teacher Software/Multimedia Package with User Guide
  • Electronic Learning Center Teacher Upgrade Package
  • Teaching and Solutions Transparencies
  • PowerPoint® Presentations CD-ROM
  • Electronic Field Trips in Accounting
  • Poster Package
  • Using Quickbooks Pro 2001 with Glencoe Accounting

  • Software and Tutorial Videos
  • Electronic Learning Center Student Package
  • Glencoe Accounting Peachtree Template Student CD-ROM
  • Peachtree® Demo

  • Assessment
  • Performance Assessment Package
  • *Audit Tests
  • *Chapter Tests
  • *Chapter Quizzes
  • *Unit Tests
  • Certification of Achievement (25 pack)

  • *Included in the Teacher Classroom Resources

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