Word 2002
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Word 2002 Core & Expert, A Comprehensive Approach
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Student Resources
Task Reference List
Refer to this list to learn more than 200 tasks in Word 2002.
Lesson Quizzes
Quiz yourself on lesson objectives.
Student Files
Download student files.
Portfolio Builder
Download student forms for project review.

Classroom Presentations
Download classroom presentations for each lesson in your book.
Class Schedules
Download a class schedule for your book.
Required Files List
Download a Required Files list for your book.
Solution Files
Download solution files for Skills Review and Lesson Applications.
ExamView Question Banks
Download a variety of test banks for each lesson.

General Resources
MS Office Download Center
Update your version of Office with Product Updates from Microsoft.
Career Links
Choose from a selection of job search sites on the Web.
Microsoft Office Specialist Certification
What is a Microsoft Office Specialist?


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