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Student Resources: Lesson Quizzes

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Lesson 1: Creating a Document
Lesson 2: Selecting and Editing Text
Lesson 3: Formatting Characters
Lesson 4: Formatting Paragraphs
Lesson 5: Tabs and Tabbed Columns
Lesson 6: Writing and Editing Tools
Lesson 7: Margins, Templates and Printing Options
Lesson 8: Page and Section Breaks, Headers, and Footers
Lesson 9: Tables
Lesson 10: Columns
Lesson 11: Graphics and Charts
Lesson 12: Sharing Your Work
Lesson 13: Pictures and Shapes
Lesson 14: Introduction to Newsletter Layout
Lesson 15: Fields
Lesson 16: Electronic Forms
Lesson 17: Mail Merge
Lesson 18: Macros
Lesson 19: Advanced Tables
Lesson 20: Advanced Charts
Lesson 21: Footnotes and Endnotes
Lesson 22: Outlines
Lesson 23: Indexes and Tables of Contents
Lesson 24: Master Documents
Lesson 25: Revising Documents
Lesson 26: Hyperlinks and Web Pages

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