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Vehicle Use and Operation Agreement
hereby enter into an agreement covering the use and operation of any vehicle used by
You Will Be Required to Pay for the Following: (insert amount desired)
Cost of vehicle   Under-age-25 insurance costs
Vehicle registration   Fines and penalties
Cost of fuel   Collision damage
Maintenance costs   Under-B-Average insurance costs
Damage due to abuse   Costs due to driving record
Full insurance coverage   Other
You Will Be Responsible for the Following:
Check fluids each fuel fill Do normal maintenance
Inspect and check tire pressure Keep interior clean
Report unusual performance Wash and wax vehicle
Clear or clean all windows Have maintenance done
Report when fuel is less than 1/4 tank Other
Your User Privilege Will Be Linked to Your Grades in School and Performance at Home:
Doing duties at home properly and on time
Showing proper respect for parents and others
Complying with family regulations
Attendance, conduct and effort at school
The Maximum Number of Miles and the Maximum Number of Times You May drive Per Week are (related to grades):
  A miles per week times per week
  B miles per week times per week
  C miles per week times per week
  D miles per week times per week
  F miles per week times per week
You Will Lose Your User Privileges the Following Numbers of Days for Each Traffic Offense or At-Fault Crash:
First offense days   Preventable crash days
Second offense days   Serious violation days
Third offense days   Drugs or alcohol days
You Will Be Required to Comply with the Following Regulations:
You will provide destination and time of return.
Safety belt will be fastened at al times.
Every passenger must wear a safety belt.
No drugs or alcohol in the car.
You may not lend the car or allow others to drive it.
You will call if more than 30 minutes late.
You are Legally Responsible for Your Actions as a Driver.
We, as Vehicle Owners, are Legally Liable for Damages Done by You as a Driver:
Signed on the __________ day of ____________, (year) __________
Parent ___________________________________________________
Parent ___________________________________________________
Teen Driver _______________________________________________