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Chapter 12 Light and Weather Conditions

National Safety Council
What is hydroplaning? Learn ways to maintain control of your vehicle to prevent loss of control on wet pavement. Note four tips provided on this fact sheet to help maintain good contact with the road, then share them with a friend.

Pennzoil Car Care: Driving Tips
Get tips on handling poor driving conditions. This Web site offers advice for driving in wet weather, snow, ice, and fog. Which of your vehicle's equipment can be used to maximize your vision in dense fog? Work in small groups to present the tips for driving in poor conditions.

Be Prepared
Seeing is believing! Along with great information on how to be prepared for winter driving, click on images to download Quick Time movies showing how vehicles respond on snow and ice and even why road salt left on automobiles can cause damage. Can you name ten things you should keep in your vehicle to be prepared for winter driving? Make a poster of things drivers should keep in their vehicles during winter to prepare for emergencies.

AAA: How to Go on Ice and Snow
Since ice and snow are unavoidable in many parts of the country, all you can do is prepare for them. This American Automobile Association Web site provides a step-by-step process for preparing you and your vehicle to successfully maneuver through the elements of winter. Find out when skidding usually occurs. What is the most effective way to regain control of a skidding vehicle? Create a pamphlet on ways to prepare your vehicle before driving in icy or snowy conditions.

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