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Chapter 13 Sharing the Roadway

U.S. Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Facts
Get the facts! The Department of Transportation maintains an archive of traffic and highway statistics that can be viewed or downloaded from their site. From the National Transportation Statistics page you can click on the Reports and Products button to access facts on safety, energy and the environment, and the transportation system in the U.S. Choose a subject you are interested in and study the information provided. Working in small groups, compile a booklet of facts and information you find here.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
About 80,000 pedestrians are injured annually in the United States, and during the 1990s, 5,000 to 6,000 died each year. This question-and-answer Web site provides a clear picture of the problems that pedestrians pose for drivers. Where and when are pedestrians most likely to be struck? Report your findings to your class.

Share the Road
Get a handle on how to safely share the road with trucks. The Share the Road Brochure provided at this Web site identifies the areas around trucks where crashes are more likely to occur. What are a truck's limitations in terms of maneuverability, stopping distances, and blind spots? Report your findings to your class.

NHTSA: Emergency Medical Personnel
Yielding to emergency personnel can mean the difference between life and death--both for you and the person waiting for help to arrive. This Web site identifies simple things you can do to help emergency personnel reach a person in need. Find out how remembering the letters SIREN can help you recall the right of way of an emergency vehicle. Create a poster to share this recall tip with your classmates.

Safety Tips
Check off the tips provided by Operation Lifesavers, an education program dedicated to reducing driver and pedestrian risks at railway crossings. What is the stopping distance for a 150-car freight train traveling at 30 miles per hour? Create a bulletin board to increase awareness of the dangers of railway crossings and ways to reduce risks when driving.

Illinois Gateway: Rules of the Road
Knowing the laws that apply to other roadway users will prepare you for safely sharing the road. Become familiar with the responsibilities of pedestrians, motorcyclists, moped drivers, snowmobile operators, and others who share the road. Try the short quiz at the end of the document to test your knowledge. In a small group, prepare a panel discussion of the laws that regulate all who share the road.

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