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Chapter 14 Natural Laws and Driving

Physics of Racing Series
Racing isn't only about speed! Learn about the natural laws that affect driving at even safe speeds from an amateur racer and a professional physicist. The series of links provided here introduces the fundamental laws that govern race cars and their drivers. Investigate weight transfer, traction, braking, and more to learn ways to better control your vehicle when on the road. Select one fundamental law that relates to driving to explain to the class.

Physics of Driving Investigate physical phenomena, such as action and reaction and collision analysis, at this high school physics class online tutorial. Visit this Web site to get access to lessons, practice problems, and cool animations of physics that apply to driving. Check out the collision analysis animation to better understand the laws of momentum and energy.

Multimedia Physics Studio
You don't have to be a physicist to drive a vehicle, but understanding the natural laws that affect your vehicle can help. Check out this Web site for animations and accompanying explanations of major physics concepts. To see examples of Newton's law of inertia, click on these links: The Car and the Wall, The Motorcyclist, and The Truck and the Ladder. Use each animation to explain the Law of Inertia to a friend.

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