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Chapter 15 Responding to an Emergency

National Safety Council
Having your brakes fail while driving is a dangerous and horrifying experience. This fact sheet, provided by the National Safety Council, explains what you should do when your brakes fail. Find out how the parking brake can help. Create a pamphlet to explain what to do when your brakes fail.

National Safety Council
Do you know what to do if your vehicle breaks down? This fact sheet outlines a safe procedure to follow if your vehicle breaks down or has a flat tire on the highway. What signs or signals can be used to notify and warn others that your vehicle is broken down? Report your findings to your class.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
How safe are you on the road? The Automobile Association of America provides information and emergency services to drivers nationwide. Use the Search function at their Traffic Safety site to find out about other services and materials provided by AAA. Enter keywords and learn what the AAA has available for student drivers.

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