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Chapter 16 Buying a Vehicle

NHTSA: Buying a Safer Car
How safe is your favorite vehicle? This New Car Assessment Program helps you evaluate the safety of cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. A link for new vehicle safety features is also available. Search for safety information, including crash test results, for a vehicle you're interested in buying by clicking on "Cars," then just provide the make, model, and year.

Kelley Blue Book
Is that vehicle you're thinking of buying worth it? The Kelley Blue Book provides pricing for new and used vehicles. You can also get a report for the trade-in value of vehicles. Click on the Reviews link to take a vehicle of your choice on an online test drive. Teach someone in your class how to research a vehicle on this Web site.

Intellichoice Car Center
Before surrendering yourself to your dream vehicle, ask yourself a few important questions. The tips for choosing and buying an automobile at this site provide pre-purchase questions, test-drive suggestions, things to keep in mind when negotiating a price, and more. Find out cost ownership considerations by clicking on the Auto Tips link. Present to your class the tips for choosing and buying a vehicle.

Family Car Center
What is a "factory invoice price"? How can it be used in negotiating a price for a new vehicle? Read articles on getting a good deal on a vehicle and nine ways to lower your auto insurance costs at the Family Car Center. Find out what a deductible is, and how it affects the price of insurance. Report your findings to your class.

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