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Chapter 17 Vehicle Systems and Maintenance

Winterizing Your Vehicle
Do know your way underneath the hood? This vehicle care site offers advice on everything from under-hood checks to winterizing your vehicle. Click on the link for taking care of a vehicle for long-term use with minimum cost and create a poster of car-care reminders. Work in small groups to alert others of ways to protect and maintain a vehicle by creating a Car Care pamphlet.

Autoshop Online
Visit the Car Care Library at this Web site to locate information that will help you understand and care for your vehicle's many systems. Click on the General Maintenance Tips to find out what the "Springtime Ritual" is. After reviewing a link, click on the car-care quiz to test your knowledge.

Motorists Tire Care and Safety Guide
Did you know that underinflation is the leading cause of tire failure? Visit this Web site to learn ways to maintain your vehicle's tires. Click on the Tire Inspection link to see images of uneven tire wear and to find out when a tire should be replaced. With a parent, locate the vehicle placard on a family vehicle. Determine the recommended tire inflation and then check each tire's inflation. Add air at a nearby service station if necessary. Don't forget the spare tire!

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